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Summer heat – tips for the right sunbathing

Whether on vacation or at home, sunbathing is relaxing and fun. It is particularly important not to overdo it and not to risk sunburn. Sun worshipers take a number of measures to protect their skin and entire body. This article explains what to look out for when sunbathing and how people can protect themselves.

Sun is healthy – in moderation

Basically, the sun is not the enemy. It provides light and warmth and without the sun life on earth would not be possible. It also helps the body to produce the hormone vitamin D. The body can produce most of this hormone itself if it is regularly exposed to UV-B radiation. Not least because of this, many people have a vitamin D deficiency in winter. In the summer months, it is often enough to be outdoors regularly to produce vitamin D.

The important thing here is not to overdo it. Staying in the sun for too long can be dangerous and lead to sunburn. The maximum protection time of the skin must be observed here. This varies depending on the skin type:

  • Skin type I: self-protection time of five to ten minutes
  • Skin type II: Self-protection time of ten to 20 minutes
  • Skin type III: self-protection time of 20 to 30 minutes
  • Skin type IV: self-protection time of up to 40 minutes

If the skin’s own protection time has “expired”, there is a risk of sunburn. The skin begins to turn red and may develop inflammation. The right protection is now crucial.

Put on the right sun protection and avoid sunburn

Your own skin type is an important indicator of which sun protection is the right one. The rule of thumb here is: the lighter the skin, the higher the UV protection of the sunscreen should be. The sun protection factor can be multiplied by the self-protection time. A person with skin type I and a self-protection time of ten minutes can stay in the sun for 500 minutes, which is the equivalent of around eight hours, after applying a cream with SPF 50.

Important: If the protection time has expired, it does not help to apply cream again. The skin has to regenerate in order to build up its own protection time again. Because if the self-protection time is zero minutes, it stays at zero, no matter what factor it is multiplied by.

It is also essential to apply sunscreen correctly. To be protected from the sun, a thick layer of sunscreen is necessary. Only then can the product work and fulfill its purpose. A thin touch of sunscreen is not enough to effectively protect the skin from sunburn !

Most consumers choose sunscreen based on its consistency and SPF. Whether oil, cream, spray or lotion is actually irrelevant and due to personal needs. It is important here that the product is easy to apply and offers effective protection.

Incidentally, sunburn can only be avoided if sunscreen is applied to all parts of the body. This includes the edges of the ears, the bridge of the nose, the top of the feet and also the nape of the neck. The back must not be neglected either! Wearing a sun hat is recommended for sensitive scalps. This also protects against a dangerous sunstroke.

Most importantly: drink enough

Another danger of sunbathing is dehydration . This can result in confusion, circulatory collapse, or kidney failure. In the worst case, a significant dehydration can be life-threatening. In order to prevent these dangers, sun worshipers should also rely on sufficient drinks during sunbathing. They offer a refreshing cool down in the warm summer sun and provide the body with important substances.

In principle, water is always the best way to quench your thirst. An adult should drink about 1.5 liters of fluid per day. If it is particularly warm or if the body exerts itself excessively and loses a lot of fluid through sweating, the requirement increases accordingly. Still mineral water should be the first choice here. If you prefer to drink carbonated water, you can of course use it. Many people also find it easier to drink enough when they consume flavored beverages. Cooled fresh fruit teas can be the right choice here. The so-called fruit infused water is also a good idea. For this purpose, still water is simply mixed with fruit, herbs and vegetables of your choice and then drunk.

Important: The selected drink should not be extremely cooled down with ice cubes and the like! The body first has to warm up ice-cold drinks and uses up too much energy to do so. It makes more sense to drink drinks at room temperature. These are sufficiently refreshing.

People should avoid the following drinks while sunbathing:

  • Coffee and other highly caffeinated beverages
  • Alcohol
  • overly sweetened drinks

All of these drinks ensure that the body tends to lose more fluid than it takes in. So they support the process of dehydration and damage the body in the long run.

The right time counts

If you are planning to sunbathe, you should think carefully about when the right moment has come. Basically, it is important to avoid the scorching midday heat. The sun’s rays are strongest between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and the skin is most stressed by the sun. During this time it is important to remain protected in closed rooms.

Not least because of this, it is customary in many southern countries to have a “siesta” around noon. Shops are closed, locals stay indoors. This is where sunbathers should do the same and rest. The temperatures are often at their highest around this time. In the morning and afternoon, on the other hand, the right time has come for sunbathing.

Take good care of your skin after sunbathing

When the sunbathing is finally over, it is essential to give the skin a good portion of care. She needs to recover from the strong sunlight. After sun creams and lotions help to soothe the skin. They often contain soothing components of aloe vera. These cool the skin and help to regenerate.

Of course, before skin care comes a refreshing shower. This washes away the rest of the sunscreen and moisturizes the skin. The care product can then be applied afterwards. By the way: A good after-sun lotion also supports the tanning process of the skin. The tan lasts longer and the skin suffers less from sunbathing. Not least because of this, this last step of sunbathing should never be forgotten. While the care is taking effect, the body has the opportunity to relax in the cool shade. This is the end of the sunbathing.

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