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Combat Spring Fatigue

Talking about health in spring and having to give seasonal advice in the case of seasonal concerns is somewhat difficult, even for a doctor, when viewed in light of the first ultraviolet radiation, which is what the biologically particularly active part of the spring sun is called. Listen to the keywords and judge for yourself: spring mortality and spring sadness, spring cheerfulness and spring fatigue , spring cure, spring fashion, spring hat. A thematic jumble to make you jump out of your skin.

Spring changes us

But since no one can get out of their skin and the mess is only apparent, but in reality a true reflection of the season, boldly begin to familiarize your mind with how you can use care and skill to steer your body safely through the stormy spring .

A new beginning is now everywhere in nature, and popular wisdom knows a wealth of examples with deep symbolic content. Several weeks before March 21, the beginning of spring on the calendar with equinox, namely on Sunday Oculi, hunters have been going on the snipe hunt for the first time since time immemorial – “Oculi, here they come” -. At the same time the bees begin to fly, the sheep are driven out to pasture and the hens are supposed to lay the best eggs. Examples and enough incentive to give your body the attention it deserves during a long, harsh winter.

Man is a small cosmos in himself, but at the same time an integral part of the big cosmos, which by no means remains without influence on the small one. Looking at this influence from the perspective of the seasons, it is primarily climate and weather that exert it. This would have been the lucky twist of being able to introduce the serious side of the spring theme with the classic, harmless conversation about the weather.

In the weather-related, seasonal biological events of the year, the spring accumulation of unpleasant events of all kinds plays the most prominent role. The rule of the spring peak of deaths and many illnesses applies to almost all countries. It is not actually spring that has a causal effect, but rather the transition from winter to spring, the compensation for winter poverty through the abundance of spring. It means no real physiological stimulus if the winter low is not felt beforehand.

Effect of Weather & Climate in Spring

It begins with the ultraviolet night of the winter climate, when the biologically important ultraviolet radiation no longer reaches the deeper layers of the earth’s atmosphere. The scarce light leads to a direct connection to ergosterol in the skin, which is no longer converted into vitamin D in the usual quantity , to low calcium levels, to blood shifts and various changes in the chemistry of the organs, in which ultimately the hormone balance is not uninvolved. If humans do not hibernate for this reason, like hamsters and dormouse, marmots and dormice, many life processes are throttled and switched to economy mode. The stormy young spring initially turns all of this into the opposite before a balanced middle position settles in.

All of a sudden, the sun’s rays regain their full biological value. Sufficient vitamin D is built up again and the entire growth is accelerated with an increase in calcium in the blood. One can easily imagine that not only does the desired healing of the winter damage take place, but also undesirable incidents occur: circulatory disorders , blood pressure crises, allergy fluctuations , all attacks that are unpleasant in themselves, which experience has shown sometimes have serious consequences that last longer. Because the ultraviolet radiation also acts as a hormonal stimulus, spring is finally the high time of internal secretion and brings the annual peak of sexuality with its sunny and shady sides.

After all, a considerable number of important and diverse interrelated phenomena that justify a few minutes of reflection and reflection. Even if the housed person, as long as he is healthy, is able to absorb these attacks with his reservoir of strength without any effort, he would do better to submit to nature and to follow her changes by appropriately adapting his living habits. This is the deeper meaning of all spring cures, and here one should not pretend tiredness , spring tiredness comes anyway , for which one would otherwise attribute the drop in vitamin contentin food, this year only after the spring revival and, according to the latest expert opinions, is due to increased hormone release.

Spring fatigue treatment

This biological phenomenon also starts somewhere with enticing spring fashions and a new spring hat, and it’s perfectly fine. “Spring has given her courage,” said a much-sung hit of the otherwise often quite questionable so-called Golden Twenties. In this point, too, it is not least a matter of her level-headedness and the right measure that spring tiredness is not followed by spring sadness or even worse , but can still be such a spring in a hundred years.So be kind to your body and do a spring cleanse, even if it’s hard on your mind. Not at all a big diet cure , as described in magazines and usually requiring medical assistance; no, a very own, your own personal cure. Change your mind: Do things you don’t usually like to do and let others do who you otherwise don’t like to do.

For example, instead of taking a nap, go for an hour’s walk or, if you have to walk and struggle a lot, lie down in the spring sun for fifteen minutes, relaxed and without thinking about work. Smokers give up half the cigarette ration and non-smokers give up their beloved bar of chocolate. Everyone controls their weight; no one eats between meals, and all of them, with or without a fruit day and laxative tablets , thoroughly detoxify their bodies.

The most tried and tested means: fasting , not starvation , systematic fasting according to a fixed plan with a happy face; proven for thousands of years. A full meal, two small refreshments. And don’t forget, a cure doesn’t last four days, but four weeks; and occasionally there is a fortnight extension. It creates a whole new body feeling, the feeling of spring.

One last thing: Just as spring has always been about love, love and skin are as inseparable on the one hand as skin and spring are on the other. Whenever, as is the case in spring, there are decisive interventions by nature in the human organism, the skin becomes particularly important.

At the same time, with its appendages, especially the hair, it is also a crucially important sexual organ, which sometimes causes evil tongues to address love exclusively as a skin matter. The skin must participate in the spring cure. Don’t just treat her to the first rays of sunshine, but also a strong, warm bath with soap and a brush. She will thank you, especially if she is then lovingly cared for with a good cream, because she needs fat as well as water.

You don’t just have to be washed with all waters, as the saying goes, if you want to survive the aggressive spring weather safely, you also have to be anointed with all kinds of ointments, as they say in Bohemia. Last but not least, behind the fresh skin there must be a firm will to really participate and to honestly get through the cure, which is always a mental exercise as well. Otherwise it would be better to postpone it until next year, which would be a shame for the missed opportunity.

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