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The basis of all life is water – “It comes from heaven, it rises to heaven…” – Goethe wrote in his wonderful poem about water.

Water is the habitat for an infinite number of plants and animals. In order for it to be available for biological diversity and sustainable use in the long term, careful handling and effective protection of the water are fundamental prerequisites. Because it should be available for nutrition, as a source of energy or for daily hygiene for a long time to come.

Here’s what you should know about water

The origin of the water could not be clearly clarified to this day. So far, geologists have only been able to use the oldest rocks to prove that water already existed on earth 4 billion years ago. What came before that can only be guessed at – some theories have been put forward about the origin of the water – but they remain theories.

Since the surface of the earth was then furrowed by craters and no continents existed, the theory was put forward that water had been outgassed from the interior of the earth via the numerous volcanoes. Then, after the earth cooled, the accumulated water vapor in the atmosphere could have condensed, leading to a rainy season lasting several thousand years. However, the liquid liquid could also have been caused by collisions with comets, because such an impact also releases hydrogen. To this day they remain theories and not complete knowledge.

Today’s earth’s surface has a component of 71% water. Only 3.5% is fresh water, the largest part is the world’s oceans with their salt water. Of the 3.5% fresh water, 1.8% cannot be used because it is bound in glaciers, as ice in the poles and in permafrost. Germany has over 188 billion cubic meters of water that is renewed every year – only 17% of it is used in this water-rich country. The public water supply draws only 5.1 billion cubic meters, which is only 2.7% of the available resources.

Drinking water in Germany is obtained from about 30.5% surface water and 61.3% from groundwater, the rest is obtained from springs. Spring water is ground water that emerges by itself and is called ground water when it is obtained from a depth of at least 50 meters. Water from dams, lakes and other flowing water is referred to as surface water.

Water can taste very different and also have very different effects. The many different flavors range from salty to fruity or bitter, sour and even sweet. There is water with a very low mineral content and water with a strong mineral content, which is quickly recognized when tasting different types of water. Water with a high mineral content tastes strong and spicy.

importance to health

Water plays a central role in health and drinking water of the highest quality is an important basis for quality of life. Water is one of the most important nutrients for the body and not just a simple thirst quencher.

The human body consists of 50-70% water, the blood even 90%. The functions of water in our body are very diverse and important. Through sweat , body excretion and breathing , the body loses around 2.5 liters of fluid a day, for example, and thus also of minerals, which can be replenished by drinking in good time. Metabolic toxins such as lactic and uric acid are quickly removed by drinking water. Furthermore, the water has the function that oxygen and nutrients are transported to the cells via the bloodstream and can thus optimally fulfill their functions.

The immune cells are stimulated, the blood supply to the brain cells is improved and they can work more effectively, and the muscles also work stronger and faster thanks to an adequate supply of water.

Even when used externally, water shows its healing properties. Everyone knows Sebastian Kneipp’s water treading, which was later recognized as a healing function for the body and to promote health. During gymnastics in the water , the body weighs only ten percent of its own weight and is therefore easy on ligaments and joints . Showers of different strengths and moving against the water resistance train the muscles and the tissue is massaged and thus better supplied with blood – neck cramps are relieved, for example.

Ingredients & nutritional values

Important companions of the water are its contents and nutrients. The different waters are enriched with different amounts of minerals .

Elderly people, children or pregnant women have a higher calcium requirement. In these cases, mineral water rich in calcium with at least 150 milligrams per liter is required. If you have calf cramps or have trouble concentrating, mineral water rich in magnesium is recommended. The liquid supplier water supplies the body with the minerals magnesium , calcium and sodium and with natural carbonic acid.

Intolerances & allergies

There are also intolerances and allergies to water – but they are extremely rare and there are only few findings. There is a contact allergy called aquagenic urticaria .

If water gets on the skin there will be hives and rashes that are very itchy and very painful. It is believed that this allergy is due to an increased level of histamine in the blood , which can be a result of penicillin administration. Water is actually free of allergens, it can only target substances dissolved in the water. Carbonation in mineral water can sometimes lead to uncomfortable flatulence and belching .

Shopping & kitchen tips

Water can actually be kept indefinitely if it is sealed well. If it is to be stored for a longer period of time, storage in glass bottles is better than in plastic bottles.Water is a natural product and is not sterile, so it is also prone to spoilage if foreign substances get into it. In every natural spring there is a microflora that can spread unhealthily due to heat or too much light. So that the quality is not impaired, a dark, cool and dry place is best for storage.

Preparation tips

Most cocktails today are prepared with mineral water, because the mineral water gives them a pleasant lightness, non-alcoholic drinks in particular are refreshingly sparkling and it also has a permanent place in the modern kitchen.

Gourmets use mineral water to replace fats or to refine and intensify the taste of dishes. Scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes become fluffy with carbon dioxide, vegetables lose less color if they are steamed in mineral water. There is no need for fat in a coated pan, meat and fish can be fried wonderfully in water.

Water with a wide variety of ingredients is used as a healthy and tasty drink. Ginger water stimulates the metabolism and helps against constipation, lemon currant water is decorative and refreshing and detox water with blueberries and oranges has a detoxifying effect. A punch is a cult drink, especially in summer, with or without alcohol , it is an ideal refreshment at the summer party.

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