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The peculiarities of CBD oil

CBD oils have been talked about for a long time and surely everyone has read a thing or two about them. But what is actually behind “CBD”? CBD stands for cannabidiol and is one of the components of hemp plants. However, unlike the more well-known and intoxicating ingredient THC, tetra-hydrocannabinol, CBD does not have any intoxicating effects. And according to the judgment of a European Court of Justice (C663/18) of November 19, 2020, CBD oil is not considered a narcotic either.

CBD oil on the open market

CBD is listed as a “novel” food in the Novel Food catalogue. For this reason, before actively selling it on the market, CBD oil has to go through some safety tests. There are suppliers who try to sell the much simpler and 0% enriched hemp cooking oil as an oil with natural CBD content, completely overpriced. Don’t be misled!

Obtaining the CBD oil

The CBD oil is extracted from the leaves, flowers and stems of the Cannabis sativa L. hemp plant. THC is also found there, but the THC content in the EU-certified varieties of hemp plants must not exceed 0.2%.

There is often confusion with the hemp oil found in the grocery store, but this is taken from the hemp seeds. However, there can also be exceptions here, because some CBD extracts are diluted with hemp oil until a certain CBD content is reached. The following ingredients are usually found in commercial CBD oils:

  • Cold-pressed hemp oil
  • Cannabidiol
  • Turpentine
  • hemp molecules

Effect of CBD in the body

We have already described above that the CBD oil is enriched with cannabinoids, among other things. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found not only in plants but also in the human body. If we now add CBD to our body from the outside, it will help in various areas of our body, such as:

  • in the heart: heart rate
  • in the liver: cell protection
  • of the skin : inflammation, pain

The intake of CBD should be planned over a longer period of time, but at least 30 days. It has been proven that successes were only proven after a certain period of ingestion.

Specific areas of application

Sleep disorders:

Anyone who has ever suffered from insomnia knows how exhausting it can be You have trouble concentrating during the day and are constantly tired. But when it comes to bedtime, your body boots up and you can’t find sleep to give your body a much-needed rest. The CBD oil shows a particularly calming effect. It is also positive to mention that after taking CBD oil you do not have to expect any restrictions the next day. This can look completely different when taking chemical sleeping pills.

Mental problems:

Nowadays, more and more employees suffer from the well-known “burnout syndrome”, which can also include anxiety disorders and psychosomatic depression. According to a study at the University of Leipzig, CBD has reduced the anxiety disorder in 32% of the test subjects.

Chronic pain, cancer therapy:

Even in cancer patients with active chemotherapy, the CBD oil is used to stop the nausea and associated vomiting.

Far more common is that CBD oil is anti-inflammatory. Patients with chronic pain, such as chronic joint inflammation, find relief with CBD oil, which is used as a supportive adjunct to the actual medical treatment.

Application & Ingestion

The high-quality CBD oils are usually administered orally. The body should definitely get used to the oil slowly. i.e. the dosage should be increased slowly. A drop under the tongue is enough. Here the oil can be easily absorbed through the oral mucosa. The dosage should be linked to the reason for taking it and be based on the concentration of the oil.

An oil with a 5% concentration can be taken undiluted with 6 drops in the morning and in the evening under observation. Everyone should definitely pay attention to unwanted reactions of their body, such as nausea or diarrhea, when taking it for the first time. Interactions with other medications should also be discussed with the doctor treating you. In addition to the oil, there are also capsules or globules available on the market.

Globules are also simply placed under the tongue and absorbed by the oral mucosa. In the case of capsules, i.e. absorption through the stomach, the desired effect can only be expected after a short time, since absorption via the gastric mucosa takes a little longer.

Before buying hemp products, always make sure that they are of excellent and proven quality.

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