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Shiny Varnish Porling – Application & Treatment for Health

Shiny lacquered polypore

The glossy lacquer polypore is one of the oldest natural remedies. It is striking because of its unusual color and, unlike other mushrooms, cannot be used to prepare meals. The Shiny Varnish Porling has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment and prophylaxis of various diseases for around 4000 years.

Occurrence & Cultivation of the Shiny Varnish Porling

The glossy lacquer porling ( Ganoderma lucidum ) belongs to the lacquer porling family ( Ganodermataceae ). The annual mushroom is revered in Asia for its various healing properties. In Japan it is called Reishi , in China it is called Ling Zhi (“mushroom of immortality”) in reference to its anti-aging effect. Used as a talisman, it brings long life and happiness into the home.

The German name goes back to its appearance: The medicinal mushroom has a surface that is shiny and varnish-like in various colors from yellowish to red-black. The most effective are the red-black shiny lacquer polypores. The fungus grows in a fan shape at the base of deciduous trees and sometimes also colonizes conifers. Occasionally hikers will also find it along the wayside.

Its surface is covered with concentric furrows. The whitish underside has pores. Ganoderma lucidum usually grows stalkless on the tree bark. Because of its hard consistency, its mushroom flesh cannot be used to prepare food and tastes bitter. The health-promoting mushroom is found in Europe and Asia. Since the Asian stocks are almost completely harvested, it is cultivated there in cultures. Ganoderma lucidum also develops the coveted antler shape there.

Effect & Application

The glossy lacquer polypore has an almost universal effect, which is further enhanced with the additional intake of vitamin C. 400 bio-active substances have already been detected. The mushroom contains about 150 triterpenes (bitter substances), 100 polysaccharides, fats, plant proteins, carbohydrates , alkaloids, ergosterol (a vitamin D2 precursor), calcium , magnesium , zinc , iron , manganese, copper and germanium. It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects and strengthens the immune system .

For example, it prevents the penetration of herpes simplex and herpes zoster viruses into the host cell. If you already have shingles, the shiny lacquer polypore relieves the severe pain and, thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory properties, allows the rash to heal. Shiny lacquer polypore has an expectorant and cough -suppressing effect.

Its anti-allergenic properties are used to treat asthma . Reishi lowers high blood pressure and normalizes total cholesterol levels. It improves heart function by ensuring that the heart muscle can absorb 1.5 times more oxygen. The traditional Chinese remedy also prevents the clumping of blood platelets and thus protects against thrombosis .

The shiny lacquer polypore stimulates the release of insulin and promotes digestion and detoxification: Thanks to its high germanium content, the blood and liver are cleansed and metabolic waste products and toxins are eliminated. It also reduces the side effects of chemotherapy . Blood damaged by radiation therapy is improved by stimulating blood cell production.

Reishi is also used in accompanying cancer therapy : the proteins it contains have an anti-cancer effect, the polysaccharides have an immune-stimulating effect. Triterpenes kill cancer cells. The Shiny Varnish Porling is used internally and externally. The patient can buy it powdered in capsule and tablet form. The freshly picked mushroom can be cut into strips and boiled covered. The patient drinks a cup of the self-made mushroom tea daily with a meal. The extract is applied to wounds and insect bites with a brush.

In addition, the shiny lacquer polypore is found as an additive in cosmetics, bath salts and health drinks. In 100 percent pure form, it has no side effects and can therefore also be used for long-term therapy. Initially, there are isolated cases of dizziness , digestive problems and fatigue , but these are soon cured with the intake of vitamin C.

Importance for health, treatment & prevention

The Lacquer Porling is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat acute and chronic hepatitis A , B , C , kidney inflammation , stomach ulcers , gastritis , coronary heart disease , high blood pressure, bronchitis , asthma, allergies , leukocyte deficiency ( leukopenia ), rheumatoid arthritis and as a natural Anti-aging agents used.

It also improves memory and effectively combats depression . The nerves are calmed and stress symptoms are curbed. In addition, the active ingredients of the medicinal mushroom promote sleep. In Asia, the remedy is highly regarded for its anti-aging effects. Many studies on the effect that have been carried out so far have shown that the Reishi ingredients bind the free oxygen and nitrogen molecules that occur during metabolic processes and thus prevent damage to the heart, liver, kidneys and blood vessels ( arteriosclerosis ) caused by cell aging .

The long-term intake of Shiny Lackporling also gives firm skin, even if you are already in the middle years. Reishi extract has even been successful in cancer treatment: it has a strong healing effect , especially in prostate cancer , colon cancer and breast cancer . In addition, the old natural remedy is cancer preventive: It builds up strong UV protection and can thus reduce the risk of skin cancer .

Asian medicine uses it against all types of cancer. Since some of the active ingredients contained in the fungus are toxic for certain cells and others stimulate the immune system so that it forms more killer cells, the agent can – according to the latest medical research – also be used in HIV treatment. In rheumatoid arthritis patients, it reduces the number of inflammatory markers.

The triterpenes block the release of histamine and thus have an anti-allergic effect. Like cortisone, the ingredients of the glossy lacquer spore inhibit inflammation and thus help in the treatment of asthma. Adenosine has a relaxing effect on muscular dystrophy and tense muscles.

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