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Relieve tension: Lomi Lomi massage, CBD and essential oils

There are numerous massage treatments designed to help with various ailments. Especially with tension or pain in the back and neck area, massages are very helpful to stay healthy and vital. Many people use conventional oils from the health food store for this. There are also special oils that can be applied to the skin, making the massage treatment much more pleasant and intensive. If you want to do something particularly good for your body, you can add a few drops of essential oil to a base oil. In the end you have a soothing oil that is particularly suitable for relaxation. In this article, readers will learn some information about the meaningful Lomi Lomi massage and some other tips on how to get rid of pain.

What is the Lomi Lomi massage?

This is a shamanic treatment originally from Hawaii that brings body and mind into harmony. The “queen of massages” not only relieves tension. Many people who have had a Lomi Lomi massage report positive experiences that were not only felt physically. It was once considered a particularly intensive healing method in Hawaii, used by people who wanted to treat their body, mind and soul. The styles of massage differ from each other and therefore each treatment is very unique. Once you have found the Lomi Lomi masseur you trust, you can be sure that the treatments can always be very valuable and individually designed.

Are the treatments in Europe comparable to the original Hawaiian variant?

As already mentioned, the massages differ from user to user. Of course, there are also differences as to whether you can have the treatment in Germany or locally in Hawaii. On the island, the Lomi Lomi massages had a special meaning because they help people to enter a new phase of life.

For this reason, the treatments were mostly used before marriages. Here again you can see the importance of massage on body and mind. Anyone who has already dealt with the topic of holistic health knows that body, mind and soul always interact. If the soul is not feeling well, sooner or later it will show up in the body.

But conscious people can do something even before physical pain. So Lomi Lomi massages are part of feeling good and happy all around. In our part of the world, the applications are mainly booked by those people who long for relaxation.

How does the Lomi Lomi massage work?

In this treatment, the body is first smeared with valuable oil. A base oil (e.g. olive, jojoba or almond oil) is usually used here. If you want, you can also add an essential oil. Lavender, peppermint, juniper, lemon or rosemary, for example, help against tension.

So people who want a Lomi Lomi treatment can ask the user to add one of these oils. When the body has been nicely oiled, the massage begins, which is not only performed with the hands. Arms or elbows are also used during the treatment. This intensifies the effect and removes old blockages, tension and pain. Together with the essential oils, the effect is very good and the relief will soon be noticeable.

The scent puts people in a deep state of relaxation, which has a lasting effect on their well-being. In addition, the alternation of the different touches is crucial for the wonderful relaxation. The movements alternate between circular, flowing and long ones. The massage is first done on the back and then on the stomach side.

Applications for the home – a few tips

Apply essential oils yourself

If you suffer from tension or pain and cannot go to a massage, you should do something for your well-being yourself. If you want, you can get essential oils and mix them with almond or olive oil. Then the oils mentioned above can be applied to the painful areas of the skin. This usually also helps to relieve acute pain and tension. People who are very sensitive should start with just a few drops per 50 ml of base oil.

It is best to test it on a skin area before use to rule out that someone is allergic. Essential oils do not have to be worked into the skin by means of a massage – it is sufficient to apply them to the affected areas of the skin. Readers can find out more about essential oils here: Essential oils

Healthy eating

In addition to treatment with essential oils, a healthy and varied diet also helps to relieve various types of pain. For example, ginger tea is very good for chronic pain, which is usually caused by inflammation. Turmeric, garlic or barley grass can also help. It is important that you eat foods that are as natural as possible and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Then you can’t go wrong. Sugar, white flour and other finished products should be avoided. The right diet makes you feel much better and fitter in your body.

CBD Kills

One of the most well-known remedies for chronic pain, tension or a depressed mood is cannabis oil. Even if many people suspect otherwise, conventional hemp oil with CBD contains no THC or the amount is so small that it has no psychoactive effect. Many users report that they feel much better after using CBD capsules, CBD liquid or CBD oil. Above all, pain that runs through the whole body can be alleviated by taking it.

If you want to buy CBD, you should look for a product that is as natural as possible. This way you can be sure that the THC content is below 2% and that the manufacturing process was as gentle as possible. The effect of these products is of course higher than if you buy a cheap one. So if you want to achieve a good and lasting effect, you should pay attention to a reputable supplier of CBD oil like Cibdol .

When you start taking it, you can first talk to a naturopath. Otherwise, it is important to start slowly and only increase the dose over time. This way you can be sure that there are no side effects. Normally, there are no negative side effects when taking CBD oil. Nevertheless, it is advisable to start slowly with the application.

If you want to read more about hemp, you can find out more here: Hemp – the durian among medicinal plants


Many people suffer from tension and pain. Numerous treatments such as the Lomi Lomi massage with essential oils promise relief and relaxation. But you can also use essential oils at home. If you want to do even more for your health, you can buy CBD oil.

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