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Pollution is the medical term for an ejaculation during sleep that occurs involuntarily and without any action on your part. Pollution can, but does not necessarily have to be accompanied by erotic dreams . Pollution theories assume that the seeds are naturally broken down as the cause .

What is the pollution?

The medical term pollution means an involuntary ejaculation during the sleep phase, which occurs without active intervention and often even completely eludes memory.

Most men have their first pollution during puberty . The trigger for the pollution is an unconscious orgasm . Although pollution can occur both during an afternoon nap and during a night’s sleep , pollution occurs comparatively more frequently during the night and is then usually limited to the REM sleep phase (dream sleep).

Because it occurs more frequently at night, the term nocturnal ejaculation is often used synonymously with pollution. In colloquial language, the phenomenon is usually referred to as a wet dream . However, the pollution does not actually have to be accompanied by a dream. The foreign word pollution corresponds to a loan word from Latin and comes from the verb “polluere” for “to stain” or “to soil”. Presumably, this technical term comes from the marks on the bed linen, where the ejaculation is first recognized in most cases.

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Most men report having experienced their first pollution during puberty. Under the influence of the increased gonadotropin concentration and the resulting increase in testosterone levels, the penis, testicles , epididymis , vas deferens and sex glands grow during puberty . The testes produce the first sperm.

Sexual maturation reaches its target point with the first real ejaculation. The first effusion takes place either consciously in the waking phase or unconsciously as pollution. A pollution does not necessarily have to be associated with an erection of the penis. The fact of pollution also says little about dreams. The dream content can, but does not have to be of an erotic nature. Some dreamers wake up during pollution. Others sleep through the ejaculation completely and then usually do not remember the event.

If erotic dreams accompany the pollution, these are often sexual fantasies that remain unfulfilled due to inhibitions, compulsions or norms in the waking state. As a result, erotic dreams often express unconscious and suppressed fantasies .

Ejaculation requires muscle contractions in the pelvic floor and contraction of the accessory genitals . Since these contractions occur during sleep independently of one’s own actions and stimulation, the question of the cause or trigger of the pollution arises. One theory for this is the so-called semen accumulation theory, which assumes the body’s own breakdown function through involuntary orgasm and the subsequent ejaculation of accumulated semen. Another hypothesis pursues the teratozoospermia avoidance theory, which explains the purpose of the pollutions with the teratozoospermia avoidance and the improvement of the sperm quality.

In fact, pollution only seems to occur when, for a period of time, the secretions and sperm have not been expelled during ejaculation while awake. The occurrence of the pollution is subject to indirect control by the activity of the endocrine glands, which has a great influence on the function of the sex organs.

Connections have now been established between the rise in testosterone levels and the frequency of pollution. The activity of the endocrine system is also related to sexual sensory stimuli.

Diseases & Ailments

Pollution is a common and natural phenomenon that has no pathological value. Rather, it indicates a natural development and often marks the onset of puberty. Although ejaculation during sleep is a harmless phenomenon with no pathological value, it is rarely addressed even by medical practitioners. For the sake of a healthy and mentally unencumbered personality development, an explanation can therefore take place before the first pollution.

Boys who have not been informed in this way find themselves exposed to inexplicable phenomena with pollution, which they sometimes perceive as serious uncertainty or no longer trust their bodies and their sexual functions. For this reason, uninformed boys can experience their first pollution as a traumatic event, which can go hand in hand with massive impairments in their future sex life. Some uninformed boys are ashamed of the pollution because they think they are bedwetters .

Such problems, linked to nocturnal ejaculation, were particularly often observed in boys with intellectual disabilities . It is precisely with them that there is a need for sex education, so that they do not consider themselves to be bed-wetters and feel neither ashamed nor inferior to the occurrence of the pollution.

If pollution occurs before puberty, it has no disease value either. Just before puberty, the concentration of gonadotropins in a boy ‘s blood increases. Testosterone production also increases with it. This is followed by the release of sex hormones . The testosterone level can already be two to three times higher before puberty. Accordingly , even before puberty, boys can form secretions in the accessory sex glands and the prostate following stimulation.

Even a year or even several years before their actual sexual maturity , they can experience a small release of prostate secretion in an orgasm or experience pollution. In a prepubertal orgasm, the ejaculate consists solely of secretions and is characterized by the absence of sperm.

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