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Pimples are often a symptom of pubertal diseases, such as acne or hormonal disorders. In addition to the well-known pimples, blackheads, pustules and papules differ significantly. Pimples are more common in men and can lead to scarring if left untreated. Therefore, in case of severe pimple infestation or acne, a dermatologist should always be consulted for further treatment.

What are pimples?

Pimples and impure skin are among the most common skin problems, especially in adolescence. In puberty, this reaction of the skin is a normal consequence of the homonella change. However, those who still suffer from it as an adult should inform themselves about other causes and, if necessary, consider special treatment with a dermatologist.

As a rule, fat can be released through the pores, which lays over the skin as a protective film. However, when the pores become clogged for various reasons, bacteria can form under the skin, creating pimples that can even lead to scars in severe cases. Pimples and blemished skin have long been considered the most common skin disease in Germany. However, the treatment prospects are very good.


Pimples only occur when sebum, dirt or sweat clog the pores, so that bacterial inflammation can form. However, the triggers for the blockage of the pores are manifold and should be clarified before treatment. Hormonal changes in the body, such as during puberty or pregnancy, are often accompanied by blemishes and pimples.

But even those who use the wrong cosmetics and may be prone to sensitive skin can develop pimples. Especially women who use make-up daily should pay attention to oil-free and hypoallergenic cosmetics that do not clog the pores. For a pore-deep cleansing of the skin, thorough and regular hygiene is of course essential. As a cause of pimples, however, inheritance can also be possible.

Diseases with this symptom


As a rule, there are no complications associated with pimples. A pimple is primarily a cosmetic problem and not a health one. For this reason, pimples usually do not belong in medical treatment. However, under certain circumstances, even a simple pimple can lead to complications.

This is the case, for example, if the person concerned tries to express or even prick the pimple. Through this procedure, it is quite likely that pathogens get into the pimple and cause it to become inflamed. So, such an infection can be a complication resulting from a pimple.

In rare cases, such an infection of the pimple can cause bacteria to reach deeper skin layers and lead to inflammation there as well. In the worst case, sepsis can occur. For this reason, expressing a pimple is not recommended from a medical point of view.

Nevertheless, these possible complications should not be cause for concern. A conventional pimple that occurs very frequently will not lead to complications or problems in most cases unless it is treated improperly.

When to go to the doctor?

As a rule, pimples do not pose a particular health hazard to the body and therefore do not need to be treated directly. In many cases, however, they appear unattractive and not aesthetic. Treatment by the doctor should therefore always be carried out if the patient feels unwell due to the pimples or if there are inferiority complexes and reduced self-confidence. Treatment is possible in many cases and leads to a positive course of the disease.

Likewise, medical treatment is necessary if the pimples cause pain or bleeding. The affected person should also consult a doctor if the pimples occur over a long period of time and do not disappear on their own. Another disease may be the cause of the pimples and should be treated. As a rule, a pharmacy or the family doctor can also be visited for simple pimples. Only in severe cases is it advisable to visit a dermatologist who can carry out a targeted treatment.

Treatment & Therapy

Before treating the pimples, the cause should first be clarified and avoided as far as possible in the future. Then there are several ways to get rid of the pimples. Above all, it is important to use the right means for facial cleansing.

A mild wash gel, which at the same time cleanses pore-deep, is best suited for irritated and impure skin. UV light also opens the pores and can lead to a reduction in pimples after a relatively short time.

However, UV irradiation both in the tanning salon and in the sun should not be exaggerated. If you are more prone to pimples, you can also use a special cream that has an antibacterial effect.

The dermatologist also often prescribes antibiotics to reduce the inflammation under the skin, so that the pimples also recede.

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Outlook & Forecast

The outlook and prognosis for pimples depend crucially on the quality and duration of treatment of skin problems. Small skin impurities that have not become inflamed over a large area usually disappear completely even without treatment. In this case, it may be better not to overcare for the skin. If large-scale pimples and acne are treated consistently, with products that are tailored to the individual skin type, there are usually good prospects for an improvement in the appearance of the skin.

Pimples due to hormonal changes such as puberty often disappear on their own when the body regains hormonal balance. Until then, however, it should be urgently avoided to press around on pimples yourself, because an unprofessional handling significantly reduces the chances of a complete reduction of skin blemishes. Improper pressing on pimples can also leave deep damage to the tissue. This is how scars form. In addition, secretion, which is located in the pimples, spreads into the remaining pores and can thus trigger new inflammations.

In order for pimples to have the best possible prognosis, the treatment of blemishes should be better left to the specialist. He can also pass on tips and tricks with which the patient himself can be supportive.


Pimples can be avoided in many cases as long as the causes are not hereditary or hormonal. Especially those who tend to sensitive skin should not only look at the price with the right means for facial cleansing.

The cosmetics should also be carefully selected and adapted to the individual skin type. When preventing pimples, however, not only the products that are used for external use must be considered.

A healthy and balanced diet is at least as important. Eating too much fat and eating excessive amounts of sweets only encourages clogging of the pores, leading to pimples. Pimples can be avoided with a varied diet that provides the body with sufficient Vitamin and Minerals.

What you can do yourself

In most cases, pimples occur during puberty. During this time, treatment is only possible to a very limited extent. Nevertheless, there are a variety of measures and that can be used against pimples.

cigarettes and other drugs. A high intake of water leads to the improvement of the symptom in most cases. In general, a healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on the disease. If there is pus in the pimples, it can be carefully removed. The skin can be supported with various care products. These include moisturizing creams. In the , special creams and ointments against pimples can be purchased. The drugstore usually offers a good selection of different scrubs and for the face.

If the pimples occur due to poor personal hygiene, the body must be washed more often. For pimples after shaving, shaving foam and a razor with fewer blades help so that the skin is not too irritated by shaving. Salt water also helps against pimples and can prevent their formation. In very severe cases, however, it is worth visiting a doctor, as he can prescribe stronger medication against the pimples.

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