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Make face masks yourself for young and firm skin

To make a cosmetic treatment complete, face masks and face packs cannot be missing. They do not replace general skin care, but support and complement it.

What are face masks good for?

Their effect is versatile. It includes the elimination of used substances and scales, increased blood circulation in the skin, regulation of sweat and sebum secretion, normalization of skin tension, prevention of wrinkles and much more. You can also use effect masks. The latter, however, only to want to look good quickly, if necessary.

There are numerous recipes for face masks and face packs that you can make yourself. However, there is no universal mask that is suitable for all skin types.

The skin texture of people is so different that every woman and every man has to try to find the right recipe for himself.

Of course, nobody will use a drying mask for dry skin or one that stimulates circulation for skin with a high blood supply. Anyone who is hypersensitive to any type of fruit or vegetable, for example strawberries, tomatoes, etc., will of course not make a mask out of it. It is more difficult to find the most suitable among the beneficial remedies.

Definition Face Mask & Pack

The terms “face mask” and “face pack” are often confused. Before I tell you the corresponding recipes, I would like to explain these terms.

A face mask is mixed cold or warm, applied thinly to the skin and has to dry firmly there so that it becomes impermeable to air. This causes a stronger blood circulation in the skin and a faster removal of waste products. This makes the skin tight and smooth. A pack, on the other hand, must be applied thickly while warm to hot. It must not dry out and should be kept as moist as possible. Because it is permeable to air, it does not cause tension on the skin and is often better tolerated.

The water content of the pack increases the moisture factor of the skin, which is particularly important for older people. The face pack has to work for twenty minutes and is removed with a spatula. Wash your face with warm water and apply a cold compress.

Make face mask & pack yourself

You can make a face mask or face pack from almost any spread you like. With a mask you apply little of the mass, with a pack a lot. The aim of both is to stimulate blood circulation and relax the skin.

A face mask can only work properly if you lie down while it is drying, raise your legs, close your eyes and cover them with cotton swabs soaked in boric acid. For this purpose, three percent boric water is used, which must be at room temperature. The mask has to work for about ten to fifteen minutes and is then washed off with lukewarm water. It is highly recommended to make a compress beforehand to take the tension out of your face.

The effect of the face mask can last for a day or two. It is advisable not to do them more than once a week. In the case of impure, oily and large-pored skin, however, you can initially do it twice a week.

Wax masks & skin types

The wax or paraffin mask occupies a special position among the masks. It is heated to sixty to seventy degrees and applied to the skin at a fairly high temperature.

Many skin types cannot tolerate these high temperatures. Therefore, this mask should never be used on skin that is already well supplied with blood. The effect of the wax mask is that the skin underneath sweats, the pores open and the substances added to the mask are absorbed.

After removing the face mask, you have a pleasantly warm feeling on your skin and reddening, which is due to increased blood circulation, but which soon goes away with normal skin. This wax mask can only be applied by a beautician, because even the slightest turn of the face stretches the facial muscles.

If you now coat this area with the wax, the musculature is kept in the expanded state under the face mask, because the mass solidifies immediately after application. So instead of tightening the muscles, they stretch them out. A cleansing, blood circulation-promoting and tightening effect can only be achieved if it is carried out properly.

Please do not make the mistake of working with a face mask on your face. Don’t let anyone see you either. I would advise married women to put a mask or pack on their husbands right away, I know that men are very open to this. So they don’t expose themselves to ridicule in any way.

Proper use of face masks

The face masks and face packs are applied according to the principle of split lines, i.e. always from the chin to the ear, etc. The upper lip is also coated, because especially in women it starts to curl at a certain age and needs more attention. The front part of the neck and possibly the décolleté must also be included in the mask treatment. Only the eye area remains free.Here the face mask is deliberately left out because the skin is so thin in those areas that the first wrinkles appear there , which would contract even more under the mask. This part of the skin gets enough nutrients of the face mask or face pack from the surrounding blood vessels.

Which utensils do we need for the mask treatment? This time there are only a few, because all you need is a small plastic bowl and a flat brush about two centimeters wide. If you buy the small items for your cosmetics, you will always have them to hand.

The face mask recipes will give you a lot more headaches at first, but you’ll see, that’s not too bad either. We always have to have a base for the face mask pulp first, a binding agent so to speak, so that the mask does not run off the face. Healing earth, almond bran, oat flour, oat flakes, bean flour or soy flour are suitable for this. The necessary ingredients are then added to the binder. First of all, I would like to give you the recipe for the face mask, which is probably tolerated by every skin and does not cause any harm.

Egg mask makes the skin younger

It’s the egg mask. We can make two completely different face masks from one egg, the yolk mask and the egg white mask. That’s why we divide the egg, take only the yolk in our small bowl and mix it well with the brush.

If the yolk is very large, we only need to use half of it. Frugality never hurt anyone.

The egg yolk mask is a nourishing build-up mask and can be done at any time. It cleans and smoothes the skin at the same time. You feel very refreshed afterwards, which is often not the case with wax masks. It also has the advantage that it lasts for a very long time and the effect only occurs later. Since a living being develops from the egg, it is easy to imagine that its active ingredients are also good for the skin.

The egg yolk contains, among other things, vitamin A in its pure state , which is important for the skin . Once we have mixed the egg yolk well, we add a teaspoonful of oatmeal and mix everything like we would for a cake. Now we can add a wide variety of ingredients, but these are not absolutely necessary because the yolk itself contains enough nutrients.

So if you want, you can add ten drops of lemon juice, it contains vitamin C , and the acid also has an astringent and bleaching effect; then five to ten drops of olive or sunflower oil, which makes it supple. You can also add a teaspoon of honey, which invigorates the skin more. We mix all this well and the face mask is ready to spread. After it has worked, you can rub the mass off your face with your hands. It comes off the skin very well and washing is then easier.

Protein mask for young & firm skin

The protein mask works differently, it is a pure effect mask and can be taken at the last moment before a party. It refreshes and tightens the skin greatly, making it softer, smoother and younger, but only for a short time. This face mask is suitable for impure and oily skin because it contains a lot of sulphur. But if you have used it as an effect mask, you have to grease your skin particularly well the next day.Again, we just take some egg white and beat it with a brush or a fork until foamy. Then we add some oatmeal or some other thickener and ten to fifteen drops of lemon juice. This mass is applied and we let it dry firmly. The skin becomes very tense because the albumen is very sticky.

We wash off the face mask with lukewarm water and rinse with cold water. You look good for the evening and certainly feel very comfortable in your own skin. You can also rub off the egg white mask with your hands when it has become very hard.

It can be used as an abrasive mask, especially for impure, large-pored, leather or sports skin.

Finally, I would like to remind them to protect their hair with an elastic bandage before applying the face mask, to cleanse the face and neck well and then to follow up with a little massage with fat. You can also apply an egg yolk mask before the massage so that the substances come directly onto the skin and are absorbed by it. You now have the instructions for a face mask or pack, including the recipe. Try it yourself.

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