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Beauty, strength, youth, happiness and joie de vivre. That’s what every one of us wants, isn’t it? You can’t hold on to youth, of course, but you can remain youthful even as you get older, and you can still be beautiful, strong and full of joie de vivre in old age. All of these qualities come from the same source: health. So this has to be preserved. It seems so easy, but it takes the determination and the will to do something for your health.

Joie de vivre & energy instead of sluggishness or depression

That is quite difficult for some people. There is something that stands in the way of this, and that is the indolence and persistence with which one strives to cling to habits that one has grown fond of, and the human, all-too-human laziness. But indolence and ease are two things opposed to the principle of life, which is perpetual motion.

Many a good will and intention fails because of them. However, if we master our lives and want to maintain or acquire radiant health, i.e. health that radiates joie de vivre, confidence, strength and youthfulness, we must not expect that everything will fall into our laps without effort and without our own doing .

It is a well-known fact that nothing in life is given to us, everything has to be bought. We have to earn it. Then it turns out later, and this is said as a consolation, that it is precisely this need to earn oneself that is particularly valuable.

Health must also be maintained as a result of one’s own efforts. It takes some self-discipline, but it’s worth it. One must not confuse the human organism with a machine. However, a machine lasts longer the more you take care of it. In organic life it is exactly the opposite. If people take it easy, if they get used to wind and weather, if they mostly sit still without enough exercise, the disadvantageous consequences soon become noticeable. He becomes vulnerable, his strength dwindles, illness and a bad mood set in.

Only that which is constantly practiced remains fresh and capable of action. Now many will ask: yes, what should we do? The answer can be said in one sentence. We must do everything that undermines them, and with them our strength and our joy in life. We must lead our lives meaningfully! Letting go means something like “giving up”, letting the hope sink.

But we don’t want that at all, do we? On the contrary! We want to be up to date, modern people of the 21st century, for whom many of the mysteries of earlier epochs have been solved and who master life with so many better prerequisites than previous generations.

Health through lifestyle and nutrition

This also applies to the health requirements. Today, when we are accustomed to the achievements of our Western civilization, we can hardly get any real idea of ​​the sanitary conditions of earlier times. At that time, epidemics were common. In addition to infant mortality, cholera , typhoid , smallpox and plague were the most common causes of death.

Science has long since discovered its pathogens and successfully combated them. At the same time, the improvement in sanitary conditions and hygiene education eliminated the causes of these epidemics. Let us consider that as late as 1900 the rural population represented over 50% of the population. This relationship has increasingly shifted in favor of the cities. 50 years ago a third of the population still lived in the countryside, now it is only a quarter. What do these numbers mean now? They tell us that many people whose fathers and mothers still farmed in the fresh air and with constant physical activity do not have enough physical activity today.

Then there are the damages caused by an inappropriate and unfavorable lifestyle and diet. It is clear that the damage which seemed inevitable to be associated with the change in the way of working and living need not at all occur. We have to come to the point where we do what modern nutritional science and sports science advise us to do judiciously, and also follow what our general lifestyle requires to keep our bodies healthy.

All of this combined is what we call meaningful living. It means behavior that is appropriate to our modern scientific knowledge. Large amounts of money are made available by the health insurance companies for the prevention of damage to health and for medical education. Indirectly, also serves health education and we hope to be able to make a valuable contribution to our healthy society.

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