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Home remedies

Home remedies are often self-treatment measures that have been tried and tested for a very long time to alleviate symptoms of illnesses and promote healing. The home remedies come from a time when there were not as many ready-made medicines in pharmacies as there are today.

What are home remedies?

In earlier times, it was not customary to see a doctor for every health condition. The way to the nearest doctor was often long and difficult. Many people could not pay for a doctor’s treatment and the expensive medicines he prescribed.

The woman in the house usually treated the illnesses of the family members. She used proven home remedies and medicinal plants from the garden and from nature. She brewed teas, applied dressings to the affected areas of the body, applied compresses and prescribed baths or other water treatments. Over time, a lot of knowledge about home remedies for treating the sick was collected.

The experiences and tips were exchanged with neighbors and friends. What had brought no help to the sick person was rejected again. However, the proven home remedies were passed on from generation to generation.

Function, effect & goals

Even today, home remedies can alleviate symptoms of illness. It doesn’t always have to be reaching for a pill. Many people remember home remedies from their childhood. If you have a few natural home remedies in your medicine chest, you can use tried and tested methods to maintain your health.

A well-known home remedy is the preparation of a medicinal tea. If a cold is approaching, the following home remedies often prevent the outbreak of the disease. If you get cold or wet on the way, it is advisable to immediately take a hot foot bath at home. To do this, drink a cup of linden blossom tea sweetened with a teaspoon of honey, as hot as possible. Then go to bed and keep warm. The next day, the signs of the cold are usually gone.

If your throat hurts and your voice is hoarse , gargling with apple cider vinegar has proven itself as a home remedy. A glass of water to which a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar has been added is sufficient as a gargle solution. If you gargle with this home remedy every hour, you will often get rid of your sore throat after a short time.

In the case of constipation or sluggishness, dried fruit can help as a home remedy so that normal bowel movements can be restored. In the evening, pour lukewarm water over a dried fig and five prunes until the fruit is covered. The next morning, on an empty stomach, drink the liquid and eat the soaked fruit.

A popular home remedy is eating aniseed biscuits for indigestion and flatulence . In a simple cookie dough made with 300 grams of flour, add three heaped teaspoons of finely chopped aniseed. Wrap the dough tightly and let it rest in the fridge overnight. The next day, form cookies and bake over a low heat. As a home remedy for indigestion, chew the cookies thoroughly and for a long time.

In the case of stomach problems caused by inflammation of the gastric mucosa , white cabbage juice can be used as a home remedy. To do this, process fresh cabbage leaves into juice using an electric juicer. Drink half a liter of it every day throughout the day. Heartburn can also improve with a cure with the home remedy white cabbage juice .

Risks, side effects & dangers

The use of the home remedy must bring about an improvement in the symptoms. If this is not the case, medical help should be sought in any case in order not to procrastinate diseases.

Home remedies can also have side effects. Medicinal plants that belong to the daisy family can sometimes trigger allergic reactions. Anyone who suffers from allergies should pay particular attention to this when using a herbal home remedy. Essential oils used as home remedies can also provoke allergies.

Under no circumstances should essential oils be used as home remedies for infants and small children. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the home remedies, herbal home remedies should not be stored in the medicine cabinet for too long.

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