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Home remedies for fatigue

More and more people are suffering from exhaustion and tiredness. If this condition occurs more frequently and regularly, you should definitely confide in a doctor. Countless reasons and triggers can lead to exhaustion. It is therefore advisable to first clarify the causes.

What helps against fatigue?

Exhaustion is always a signal from the body that it needs more rest or that something is missing. Those who are very exhausted are often tired and listless during the day.

Women in particular during pregnancy and menopause can sometimes be affected by exhaustion, which is hormonal and fortunately does not occur permanently. In pregnant women in particular, iron deficiency is often the reason for constant exhaustion and can be compensated for with iron tablets.

If men are constantly and permanently struggling with exhaustion and fatigue, a testosterone deficiency could be the cause. The hormone level can be determined by a doctor through a blood test and counteracted with therapy. The same problem applies to anemia and a detected iron deficiency in the body.

It can also be a serious illness such as depression or the beginning of burnout . Even a previous infection or hypothyroidism can be a trigger.

Fatigue is usually reflected in those affected by tiredness and weakness. You often speak of a certain listlessness that affects your body. They no longer have any motivation to shape their purpose in life; there is a lack of energy and joy. There is a state of exhaustion.

People with circulatory problems or people who are sensitive to the weather often feel exhausted when the weather changes. In this case, it is important to confront the problem consciously. It is recommended to stay and exercise in nature, even if you often have to force yourself to do so due to the exhaustion.

Quick help

Quick help like a visit to the sauna works wonders here, because the change from cold to warm is perceived as very stimulating. Especially in wet and cold weather, a low feeling and listlessness are prevented and counteracted.

A massage can also increase well-being and do something against fatigue. It has a stimulating effect and awakens the spirit of life. In the relaxation phase in the relaxation area of ​​the sauna, it is best to enjoy a herbal tea or coffee. These drinks can also be seen as a quick help.

Overweight people can also feel exhausted due to a lack of exercise . Regular stays and exercise in nature are important here.

Even if you are on a diet and underweight , there is a risk that the body will lack important vitamins, minerals and nutrients and react with exhaustion. An additional intake of the missing vitamins is recommended and helpful here.

Alternative remedies

Professionally highly committed people who are regularly and constantly exposed to great stress can also suffer from exhaustion. In the evening a great turmoil spreads and they can no longer calm down.

This often results in sleep disorders and those affected feel tired and exhausted the next day. In order to be able to solve the problem successfully, you should treat yourself to regular breaks and eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins. Learning relaxation techniques such as autogenic training or yoga helps to breathe deeply and settle down.

Learning and applying these relaxation techniques are necessary, especially in today’s world, in which stress and hectic life determine everyday life. In yoga, in addition to relaxation, new energy is supplied to the body, which counteracts listlessness and exhaustion. Progressive muscle relaxation is also helpful and leads to the same success.

Infections such as coughs and colds , accompanied by fever, cause a short-term exhaustion, but have completely disappeared again after recovery. Sufficient fresh air and drinking herbal teas are helpful. Black and green teas are excellent remedies to increase well-being and counteract fatigue.

The famous springtime fatigue, which regularly affects around 50 percent of Germans, can also lead to exhaustion. Temperature and time changes favor the problem, but this does not last long and can be classified as harmless. If you exercise enough in the fresh air and ensure you get enough sleep, spring fatigue doesn’t stand a chance.

However, it is more difficult if the exhaustion and constant exhaustion prevail over a longer period of time. Then it could be a mental illness. Depression is one type of this disease and should always be treated by an experienced doctor.

Depression is defined as a very great sadness of those affected, which is often accompanied by inner restlessness and anxiety . This can be triggered, among other things, by a genetic predisposition, a serious experience or a very stressful situation.

In this case, things like exercise in the fresh air only help as an accompaniment. Treatment is with antidepressants and psychotherapy . But the chances of recovery are very good if the person concerned starts in good time and wants to get help.

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