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Home remedies for dandruff

The human body constantly sheds old, dead skin cells. If hundreds or even thousands of these small particles stick together, they become visible to the naked eye as scales . A disease or simply a predisposition is often responsible for excessive dandruff forming.

What helps against dandruff?

If a fungal disease on the scalp is responsible for the dandruff, this can be recognized by the comparatively large, slightly moist and sometimes sticky scales. In this case, washing your hair more often with a special anti-fungal shampoo from the pharmacy often helps.

This is intended to deprive the yeast of its livelihood. The antifungal substances ketoconazole and bifonazole are contained in most dandruff shampoos. In order to be able to develop its full effect, the shampoo should act for at least 5 minutes. So that the hair does not become greasy so quickly, it is thoroughly brushed before washing and, if possible, dried in the air after washing.

If the dandruff is smaller, drier and trickling, a dry scalp is often responsible, which can come from the wrong care products or the innate skin type. If the dandruff is caused by overuse from washing your hair too often, your hair should be washed less often and if so, then with a product that is designed for dry skin and hair.

In contrast to the infestation with sticky dandruff, the exposure time of the shampoo should be kept as short as possible in the case of dry dandruff in order not to unnecessarily stress the scalp. Water that is too hot or a hair dryer that is too hot should also be avoided. Special dandruff shampoos should always be used, especially if you wash your hair frequently. Those who have tinted hair are usually less likely to use it, because dandruff shampoos often have a bleaching effect. We recommend washing your hair with egg yolk and rinsing with birch water as an alternative.

Quick help

The appointment is imminent and the dandruff is falling – now quick help is needed. In any case, the hair should be thoroughly brushed out shortly before washing, because this already removes a large number of dead skin cells. An oil mask for the hair would take too long and cause greasy hair . It is therefore better to use a yoghurt mask instead. The natural yoghurt is simply massaged into the scalp and only takes a few minutes to take effect.

The longer the hair is rinsed, the more residue is washed out. The temperature during hair care should only be lukewarm, never hot. This applies to both the water and the hair dryer that follows.

Cosmetic products such as hairspray or similar should be avoided as much as possible, because an undetected allergy to the ingredients of these products can also promote dandruff. The shampoo you normally use can also contain allergy-causing substances. Switching to a different product or brand can quickly bring clarity here. Gentle baby shampoos are the least risky.

Alternative remedies

A mixture of egg yolk and lemon juice is applied and hair is washed as usual. The lemon juice also gives your hair a nice shine. Birch water, tea tree oil or burdock seed oil have proven to be particularly effective rinses for dandruff.

Nettle tea or chamomile tea are recommended for homemade conditioners. Nettles cooked in fruit vinegar and strained make an effective hair tonic against dandruff. Olive oil soothes the scalp and ensures that the itching subsides. You should leave it on for some time before washing it off.

Regular grooming habits will sooner or later reduce the dandruff problem. Proper nutrition can also play a role, because dandruff can also be a result of zinc deficiency . Zinc-containing foods such as whole grain products, fish and oatmeal on the menu counteract this in the long term.

Observing daily environmental conditions can also provide information about the origin of the scales. For example, anyone who finds that they are particularly affected in winter can check whether the air is too dry, the air conditioning system or hats that are worn too tight are related to the disease. Close observation of your own habits and the environment is important, because only those who know the reasons for their dandruff can take effective action against it.

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