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Help and treatment for sweaty feet – treatment, effects & risks

Help and treatment for sweaty feet

Sweaty feet are not an incurable disease , but an evil for those affected and for those around them. It is an old wives’ tale when it is still claimed today that sweaty feet should not be banished because otherwise secondary damage to health is to be expected. In reply, people with healthy, dry feet are no less healthy than those with sweaty feet.

Causes of sweaty feet

If people want to sweat, they don’t necessarily need the skin valves on their feet, but instead have sweat pores on the entire surface of their body.

In addition, sweaty feet are not innate, but rather acquired. They are mostly caused by poorly ventilated footwear, above all in rubber boots, in shoes with rubber soles and in rooms that are too warm.

Stockings that are too warm and changing stockings too little also contribute to this, as does too little light, air and sun on the feet.

Sweaty feet, which often have sore and perforated skin on the soles and between the toes, are particularly susceptible to athlete’s foot.

In winter, there is an increased risk of catching a cold due to wet feet. What can be done practically to get rid of sweaty feet so that the skin of the foot can react normally and healthily again?


  • Wear light, air-permeable footwear, if possible no rubber boots and rubber soles. Daily shoe and stocking change. Wear sandals or go barefoot if possible in summer.
  • Wash your feet with cold water and soap in the morning and evening and rub them with rubbing alcohol. Use deodorizing foot spray.
  • Expose your feet unclothed to the air and the sun as much as possible, the foot must be able to breathe. In summer, if possible, by the sea or in streams, otherwise tread water in a bathtub filled with cold water. The water should be about halfway up your calf. Raise your knees so that your feet leave the water and then walk in place. lasts a few minutes. You shouldn’t be freezing.
  • As a therapeutic remedy with a quick effect, a simple but proven remedy is recommended: Take a lukewarm foot bath with the addition of acetic clay (2 tablespoons in 1 liter of water) every day. Bathe feet for 10 minutes and then allow to air dry, do not towel dry. 14 days, then a week break and the same for 14 days. Afterwards, in most cases, you can enjoy healthy, dry feet.
  • In very difficult cases, formalin spirit, which is brushed on the feet twice a day, always helps. This agent tans the skin and preserves it. However, this is only used if acetic alumina should not lead to complete success.

Of course, you have to observe the precautionary measures for the future and must not fall into the old triggering errors. Always remember: dry feet are better; it is also more comfortable and healthier.

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