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Health – function, task and diseases


Health is a state in which a person feels physically and mentally well and can be active. The well-being is not influenced by any negative form such as illnesses or ailments that reduce health. In order to be healthy, many bodily processes interact, which enable the perfect interaction of all body parts. Health can be easily affected, but can be regained in most cases through various measures.

What is the health

Health can be interpreted very differently. So, for many, it is a state of being physically, mentally, and socially comfortable without being ill or having an infirmity.

For each individual, health is also a very individual perception of the overall condition. In addition to physical health, this also includes factors such as stress behavior , relaxation , leisure activities, hobbies or friends, as well as an overall stable and balanced life that makes you happy or content.

According to numerous studies and investigations on the subject of health, it has been found that non-physical aspects such as an active social life, communication with friends, family or leisure activities also have an immense influence on physical health.

In today’s Western high-performance societies, health has a very special value, since individuals should be resilient – so healthy people are also attributed more positive qualities. It seems obvious that this compulsion to be healthy and perfect also harbors a great potential for stress for all those who are not healthy. This can often be counterproductive.

Closely related to health is salutogenesis according to Antonovsky, who considers risk factors and protective factors for health. The stressors (risk factors) increase the risk of illness or injury. The protective factors limit the effect of the risk factors.

All in all, more and more attention is now being paid in medicine to supporting the maintenance of health at an early stage instead of restoring it after a restriction. This is called prophylaxis and is used in dentistry, among other things.

Function & task

Many people only realize the importance of health when it is impaired. Health has a very important personal and social value. Intact health is not only important for children and young people.

Offers to promote your own health are good preventive options. These include regular family doctor examinations, weight reduction if overweight , a healthy diet and physical activity.

Many health problems only become apparent in old age, which is why individual health management and the practice of joint-gentle or more active sports should be integrated into one’s lifestyle from the very beginning.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The living conditions, the social requirements, the social status, the income and the fact of the importance of health have an impact from the earliest childhood. Here it is important to find your own way and to realize your inner needs. This can often seem extremely difficult psychologically, but ultimately no healthy body can exist without a healthy mind.

Someone who has not done any sport before or for a long time can gain a new body image and do sport even in old age after a corresponding adaptability and slowly building up training units.

If health-promoting measures and options are not available and unhealthy nutrition or the like occurs, illnesses and secondary diseases, but also autoimmune diseases are possible, which can also entail enormous expenses for treatments, therapies, rehabilitation, operations, etc.

If everyday life is very sedentary, for example due to office work, there are a multitude of movement options with which individuals can give in to their preferences. The variations range from fitness training, yoga, Pilates and gymnastics or an active membership in a gymnastics or sports club. Depending on the focus, sports are available on land, in water, with high demands such as surfing or kite surfing or more leisurely sports such as swimming or walking. Whether trend sport, skiing or line dancing – no matter which sport is practiced, the most important thing is the feel-good factor and that factors such as existing illnesses or limitations as well as the current state of performance are taken into account.

Fun, not necessarily excessive ambition, should be the focus, because an adequate and constant sports training program is only effective and meaningful with fun and perseverance.

Diseases & Ailments

Some of the main problems for poor health are unhealthy diet, stress, alcohol , smoking , obesity and lack of exercise. Many so-called diseases of affluence can be traced back to modern factors that have a massive impact on the health of the individual.

If I move too little and eat too much food rich in fat, sugar and carbohydrates, overweight or even obesity is inevitable. Being overweight not only puts a strain on the joints and the psyche , it is often the harbinger of other diseases such as diabetes mellitus , cancer and problems with organs such as the kidneys or liver . If the psyche is stressed, this is often reflected in sleep disorders

The heart and circulatory system in particular depend on stable health. Illnesses such as cardiovascular weakness , heart attack or stroke require regular medical check -ups, as does high or low blood pressure .

Fat metabolism disorders , arteriosclerosis and other vascular diseases impair physical well-being and are also influenced by negative influences such as nicotine consumption, alcohol or poor nutrition.

The risk of cardiac arrhythmia , coronary heart disease or heart failure can be significantly reduced in advance by regular physical activity.

Cancer and cardiovascular diseases in particular rank high among the diseases with a fatal outcome, which cannot necessarily be completely prevented by a healthier lifestyle, but can at least be influenced.

Stress at work, shift work or special stress caused by extraordinary events also have a negative impact on the body. Depression , burnout , back and shoulder pain and gastrointestinal diseases often reflect an excessive burden that can be reduced by appropriate health-promoting measures.

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