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Grain Pillow – Application & Health Benefits

Grain pillow

Due to their diverse properties, grain pillows are ideal aids for a large number of diseases. Depending on their filling material, they can be used to counteract symptoms such as tension , muscle pain or colds in both heat and cold treatments .

What is a grain pillow?

grain pillow is a natural remedy that is used in heat and cold therapy and can be filled with many different materials.

It is made from biological raw materials and can occur in many different forms, which are characterized by different properties. Depending on the filling material, the grain pillows can be used in a wide range of diseases. In order to unfold their full effectiveness, however, the grain cushions must first be heated or cooled to a certain temperature.

This means that they can either be used as part of a heat treatment or as a cold compress for cold therapy. The grain cushions can be cared for either by hand or in the washing machine at 30°.

Shapes, Species & Types

Grain pillows are available in numerous variations, in which the size and shape in particular can vary from pillow to pillow.

The cushions can now be found in stores as slippers, cuddly toys or thermal scarves, for example. You can also differentiate between different materials for the fillings of the grain cushions. For example, the cushions can be filled with rye, millet, rapeseed or spelled grains. Above all, thanks to the optimal storage properties of the grain kernels, the desired temperature can be maintained at the selected level and stored for a longer period of time.

However, in addition to cereal grains, fruit stones from grapes or cherries can also be used as filling material. These can absorb dry heat or cold and are therefore also ideal as fillings for grain pillows.

Structure, function & mode of operation

The grain pillow owes its special effect on illnesses primarily to its characteristic structure and the special properties of the respective filling material.

The structure is characterized by the so-called quilting, which divides the pillow into individual chambers. These chambers, which can run both transversely and longitudinally, prevent the respective filling from slipping. The mode of action of a grain cushion is also characterized by the temperature control, which can vary depending on the area of ​​application.

The pads are heated in a microwave application for around 90 seconds at a maximum of 800 watts, while being heated in an oven at 100° for around 10 to 15 minutes. On the other hand, if the grain pillow is used as a coolant, it is placed in a freezer or refrigerator. The functionality of a grain pillow also depends on the filling in question.

Due to their high oil content, rapeseed grains have optimal heat and cold absorption and the longest heat storage time of all grain types. The oil content of the cherry stones also makes it possible to store the heat over a very long period of time. Spelled husk, on the other hand, is very breathable and moisture-regulating and is therefore able to prevent heat build-up and absorb body heat.

Medical & health benefits

Depending on its filling, grain pillows are suitable for many different medical treatments. First of all, heated pillows are often used to relieve tension, which they can loosen and, in the best case, completely solve.

The shape of the pillow should always be optimally suited for the respective part of the body. Heated grain pillows are also used for complaints such as colds or menstrual disorders . If there is severe pain in the muscles , both a heated and a cooling pillow can be used. If, however, the focus is on sprains or bruises on the body, the grain pillow is only used in a cooled form.

In addition, a granule pillow finds another medicinal use in the treatment of eye pressure. Here, special grain cushions made in spectacle format are used, which are also referred to as grain glasses and provide relief for the diseased eyes. Above all, grain pillows filled with rapeseed grains are often used as an alternative to hot-water bottles for small children and infants.

In the case of allergies , spelled pillows are also used. Pillows filled with cherry pits are used for therapeutic purposes in people with disabilities. For example, they are used in occupational therapy , in which they promote motor finger and gripping exercises.

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