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Facial Cleansing – Treatment, Effect & Risks

Facial cleansing

Many external factors have an impact on the skin. The facial skin in particular is exposed to environmental influences, as it has to do without a cover for most of the year. Not only does the sun or dust particles from the air attack the skin, daily make-up should also be removed from the facial skin at night. There are a few things to consider when cleaning your face.

Why is facial cleansing so important?

In order to prepare the face well for care, facial cleansing should be part of the daily routine. Since the skin on the face is thinner than on the rest of the body, environmental irritants can affect and damage the skin cells more quickly. Excess sebum, cosmetics and make-up residues should first be removed thoroughly and gently. This reduces the number of bacteria that promote acne and skin irritation. Facial cleansing is the essential basis for good care, which should always follow afterwards. Care products can only work optimally on clean skin.

What is proper facial cleansing?

At first one would think that one should only wash the face with water. And indeed, dermatologists advocate cleansing with water, especially for young skin, since the natural protective film is still intact. Cleansing with water is no longer sufficient for demanding mature skin or skin with residues of day cream or make-up.

Facial cleansing is divided into two phases – cleansing and clarifying. The surface of the facial skin is cleaned with water or a cleaning product and the dirt is tried to be removed. Then you carry out the post-cleaning, also known as clarification, and now remove the residues that the cleaning product or water (e.g. lime) have left behind. Clarifying can be done with a facial tonic. This increases the surface tension and blood flow to the skin.

To clean:

  • Remove all make-up residues with the appropriate products (e.g. facial tissues, eye make-up remover, etc.).
  • Apply the cleansing product to the face carefully, gently and in circular movements.
  • The cleaning product is then rinsed off with lukewarm water. The water must not be too hot, as this could dry out the skin again.
  • Then dry your face with a clean towel.

Clear up:

  • The facial tonic is applied to a cotton pad
  • Massage the tonic onto the face and neck with light to normal pressure
  • The eye area is left out
  • The facial tonic is not rinsed off with water. It can easily dry on the skin.
  • Then the care products can be applied

How and when should the face best be cleaned?

Facial cleansing is best done in the morning and evening. Then it is optimally prepared for the make-up in the morning and in the evening you can remove all residues so that the skin can regenerate during the night.

You can find out how to use the individual cleaning products from the application tips on the product or contact the respective manufacturer directly.

What should be considered with different skin types?

1. Facial cleansing for sensitive skin: Avoid products containing alcohol, such as aggressive cleansers or peelings. Mild micellar water is good for the skin and works in a similar way to face tonic, but it is even milder on the skin and does not stress it unnecessarily. Wipes marked “sensitive skin” are also an alternative.

2. Facial cleansing for impure and greasy skin: Be particularly thorough when cleaning, as the skin tends to produce more sebum. This can result in annoying pimples and blackheads . A washing gel specifically labeled “anti-pimples” could help here. Peelings, which mattify the skin and remove loose skin cells, help to refine the pores and give the face a more even appearance. Another alternative for impure skin are face masks . The ingredients can have a better effect on the skin and can thus free the skin from excess sebum better.

3. Facial cleansing for dry skin: Dry skin requires particularly intensive care, since it is here that the supply of moisture to the skin is most important . When cleaning with water, you should not use regular soap. Special washing gels, washing oils or cleansing lotions for dry skin are more suitable for removing impurities. These products do not dry out and moisturize. Allow your skin to air dry instead. Rubbing too vigorously when drying the face dries out the skin additionally.

4. Facial cleansing for combination skin: Combination skin is divided into the slightly oilier area of ​​the T-zone and its surrounding drier areas. The cleansing products should be tailored to this and clarify the T-zone and provide the dry areas with more moisture. To solve this problem, mild face tonic or gentle cleansing wipes are suitable.

The variety of facial care products

For facial cleansing you can choose between washing gels, washing emulsions or cleansing milk. You can get the facial tonic either alcohol-based or alcohol-free. Every skin type demands something different. If you have any questions, you should consult a dermatologist who can determine the type and needs. He can help to choose the right product.

Since the skin has a moisturizing protective film that can be broken by cleaning, you should be gentle when cleaning. In particular, conventional soap should be avoided when cleaning, as it is most likely to dissolve the fats on the skin and thus make the skin’s waterproof barrier more permeable.

The protective oils from the callus are the skin’s natural defense system. If the skin is more permeable, bacteria or other germs can penetrate and damage the skin more easily. Rather use mild washing lotions with a pH value of around 5.5, so that the skin’s natural protective acid mantle is retained. When it comes to care products, you should pay attention to moisturizing and moisturizing substances.

Facial cleansing in men

First of all, don’t use women’s products! Men’s skin needs its own products because the texture of men’s skin is different from that of women. The skin is much thicker and the pores produce more sebum, so an oily cream does the opposite for women than what men want to achieve with cleansing.

The way of cleaning does not differ fundamentally. Excessive production of sebum can also clog pores in men. Men’s skin is cleansed and clarified with wax gels and facial tonics, thereby refining the complexion. In order to increase the cleaning performance, so-called facial cleaning brushes are suitable for men.

These distribute the soap-free active ingredients of the washing gel particularly well and remove everyday dirt from the skin. Men should also use pH-friendly products, otherwise the skin can dry out too quickly.

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