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Dealing with allergies in a healthy way

Animal hair, pollen and house dust are among the biggest enemies of many allergy sufferers. However, the long list of possible allergens does not end here, because allergiesThose affected can theoretically develop against a number of materials and ingredients. With the advances of modern life, allergies are also on the rise. The main reason for this is the fact that even small children very often grow up in a very protected environment. The body does not learn how to deal with the allergy triggers and reacts overly sensitively in the further course. But not all allergies have their roots in childhood. Some patients are suddenly surprised by hay fever, although they have been able to walk through the forest for many years without any symptoms. A life with allergies can be made worth living again with home remedies, suitable prevention and, if necessary, special medication.

Medicines for allergies

Once an allergy has become established in the immune system , it can hardly be cured in many patients. Even if measures such as desensitization at the doctor’s promise to be successful, they are often not one hundred percent effective.

Allergy sufferers can take anti-allergic medications, so-called antihistamines . These are usually over-the-counter and available in every pharmacy. In order to get through the long allergy period with a pollen allergy , however, it often takes a few packs. An allergy can then quickly develop into a financial burden.

Instead of going to the local pharmacy, those affected are increasingly using offers from the Internet, for example to be able to order medicines online at . The online prices are often lower than those in the local pharmacy and in the long run a not inconsiderable amount of money can be saved.

It is not possible to give a general answer as to which drug is best suited. While some patients are sensitive to certain ingredients, they become happier with other medications. A common side effect of antihistamines is a certain tiredness , which can be stronger or weaker depending on the preparation.

Allergy sufferers who are permanently dependent on such a drug should opt for preparations that cause the fewest side effects for them. Nasal sprays or eye drops also help allergy sufferers to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms.

Preventive measures

In order to significantly reduce the risk of allergies, mothers should breastfeed their babies until around the fourth month. Even longer breastfeeding is better . However, if this is not possible for personal reasons, the recommended minimum time is sufficient to provide your child with solid basic protection.

The recommended vaccinations also help to reduce the risk of allergies in the long term. As far as keeping pets is concerned, this is not strictly forbidden. Allergies are no more likely to develop with a pet in your own four walls than without.

Dog allergy sufferers who already know about their allergy do not have to do without their beloved four-legged friend and can keep allergy-free breeds according to .

A healthy diet is also recommended to prevent allergies. It has a very balanced composition and consists primarily of healthy fruit and vegetables. Another side benefit of healthy eating is achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Obesity as an allergy promoter can thus be directly avoided. If you also air your apartment frequently and ensure a healthy living environment, you prevent the formation of mold and thus eliminate another trigger for allergies.

If an allergy already exists, prevention is a little more difficult, but can be adapted to the relevant allergens. So if you know which substances you are allergic to, you should avoid them if possible. These can be cleaning agents, food or mites . If you are allergic to house dust mite faeces , we recommend purchasing allergy-friendly bed linen and mattresses.

It is often difficult to avoid certain types of pollen, because these allergy triggers are in the air depending on the season and can hardly be avoided. If you have a severe pollen allergy, however, it is worth having an allergy test carried out. Here it is determined which pollen triggers the allergy. With the help of a calendar in which the pollen load is given by month, the critical times of the year can be identified.

Information services that transmit the current pollen load on a daily basis offer further possibilities. On a particularly stressful day, allergy sufferers can then take the appropriate medication or spend a leisurely day in the apartment.

Home remedies for hay fever

Hay fever is one of the most common allergies. According to reports, every fifth adult in Germany suffers from the annoying symptoms of this disease. Itchy skin , sneezing and tingling in the eyes are among the most common symptoms, while watery eyes and a constantly swollen nasal mucosa are also observed.

If you don’t want to take medication right away, you can counteract the allergy with home remedies. Inhalations with eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil have proven themselves here. This can be done with a professional inhaler or the classic method over a bowl of hot water. The steam moistens the irritated mucous membranes and relieves existing inflammatory processes. This can make it possible to breathe freely again.

Rinsing the nose with a special saline solution also helps many allergy sufferers. Patients with visual impairments can prevent severe eye irritation if they are content with glasses during the acute pollen season and do not use contact lenses. Regular showering (preferably daily) helps to remove the allergens from the skin and hair, giving the body lasting relief.

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