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Burn-out – consequences and remedies for those affected

Our time has become more hectic. This not only applies to everyday work, but also to private life. But especially in the working world, many employees and employers are not up to the permanent stress . The result is burn-out for many people . What are the reasons for this and how does it make itself felt? And even more importantly: How can you prevent and remedy the consequences?

What is meant by burnout?

Burnout comes from English and means “to burn out”. The term describes the feeling that sufferers have. The causes are varied and it is more a bundle of symptoms that can gradually or secretly creep into our lives.

The terms tension and overwork can provide a first orientation for the origin of the suffering. However, they are not enough, since, for example, a person’s social skills, character and organizational skills can also contribute to the ultimate burn-out.

Also, the syndrome cannot be limited to certain occupational groups. However, it is clear that some, such as teachers, managers or the self-employed, are more affected than others.


The problem with burnout is that almost everyone’s life involves stress and overstimulation. The individual symptoms can occur singularly and are not unusual in and of themselves. Anyone who notices several signs should always remain vigilant.

Other guides such as an article from the specialist portal provide information on this. For example, if you don’t sleep through the night or are chronically tired, you should try to find out where the causes lie.

Persistent nervousness , dizziness or headaches are also signs. Circulatory problems or headaches should also make those potentially affected sit up and take notice.

consequences in everyday life

There are social, mental, emotional or physical consequences that gradually become noticeable in the everyday life of those affected by burnout. Sleep problems can escalate into an inability to get any rest at all. Tinnitus or sudden hearing loss can also occur with high levels of stress over a longer period of time.

Colds , exhaustion or other, milder ailments are also recorded. The excessive consumption of alcohol or the abuse of other stimulants ( caffeine , nicotine ) also sometimes indicate this. In addition to the physical consequences mentioned here, there can also be sexual reluctance.

But there are also many problems in the social sphere. In general, a dullness towards other people and a gradual withdrawal from all human relationships, for example from friends or partners, can be observed. The decreasing ability or the lack of will to deal with other people results, for example, in sick leave or the permanent cancellation of appointments with social interaction.

Emotionally, those affected initially experience helplessness to free themselves from their situation. This is accompanied by easy excitability. Disillusionment, which can extend to a diagnosed depression or suicidal thoughts, is another drastic emotional consequence.

Problems with remembering, being overwhelmed and a lack of decision-making ability, but also a lack of creative energy can be listed as intellectual or mental problems.

Prevention & Remedy

In this context, an important term that has become established in today’s working world is that of “ work-life balance ”. This means that work should not take over and should be strictly separated from free time.

Nowadays we can be reached almost anywhere and anytime via short messages, emails, telephone, i.e. through the Internet and mobile technology. Employers and employees should, if possible, draw a clear line with the end of the working day. A day of complete rest, when the computer doesn’t start up and the phone can ring as long as it wants, might also be suitable ideas. This also applies to television, by the way.

Otherwise, sports and relaxation techniques are suitable and should not only be started when it is already too late. Sport strengthens the immune system , self-confidence and promotes health in general. Here you should find a sport that you like yourself. Otherwise motivation will suffer.

As a preventative measure, every employer can also consider whether to offer company sports (e.g. during the lunch break), vouchers for fitness studios or similar. Vouchers are even tax deductible up to a certain amount. Nowadays there are many office jobs where a lack of exercise and thus a lot of physical ailments seem inevitable. Therefore, this is not only useful for potential burn-out candidates.

It often helps to talk to familiar people in a relaxed atmosphere. Social contacts should be strengthened – perhaps without taking on too much. This also includes treating yourself to something instead of just putting your energy into work. Even if it sounds unusual: humor in the workplace creates a good and relaxing atmosphere. There are many private options. From simply lying in the sun for an hour, to the football stadium with old friends, enjoying a candlelit bubble bath or a meal at a great restaurant – there are many different options here.

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