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Body Lotion – Use & Health Benefits

Body lotion

Body lotion is an effective tool for keeping skin supple all over the body. It prevents dry patches of skin and other skin problems and can therefore be used regularly.

What is body lotion?

Body lotion and body oil are cream, oil or gel-like substances that increase the moisture and/or fat content in the skin. For this purpose, they are applied to the entire skin of the body and penetrate into the upper layers of the skin .

In addition to chemical or natural fat and moisturizers, many products have other active ingredients that are intended to improve the complexion. Not all are undisputed in their effectiveness as the market for body lotions and body oils has seen high demand.

Medical and purely cosmetic body lotions have different properties. While the medicinal variants are characterized above all by their complex of active ingredients, the scent and packaging of the products available in drugstores are also important. For this reason, fragrances are often added to the latter group, which under certain circumstances can trigger allergic reactions.

As there is a lot of advertising for body lotions (also known as “body lotions”) and body oils, these make up a large proportion of the cosmetic products sold. Women in particular use them regularly. More and more men are also discovering this type of body care due to target group advertising.

Shapes, Species & Types

Body lotions are sold in all colors, shapes and package sizes. When looking at the care properties, they can be divided into moisturizers, fat dispensers and other cosmetically effective lotions. The latter group can, for example, tighten the skin, which is primarily interesting for older people and for women after pregnancy . Other products work against impure skin by having antiseptic ingredients. Certain medicated body lotions help treat skin conditions . A popular ingredient in body lotions for neurodermatitis sufferers is urea , for example(uric acid) which soothes and softens the skin. Body oils – which can be viewed as a sub or subsidiary form of body lotions – primarily provide fat and thus promote the suppleness of the skin.

Other components can be found in popular products. This can be, for example, glitter particles that lie on the skin and create a shimmering effect. Self-tanning body lotions are also sold that are used as a substitute for self-tanners. Lately, lotions that are used in the shower and rinsed off after application have become popular. The reason for this type of use is the time saved, since it is no longer necessary to wait for the lotion to be absorbed – this also opens up another sales market.

Structure & functionality

A body lotion is an emulsion. This means that it consists of a water and a fat portion, whereby the two components can have different extents. In addition, a body lotion contains other active ingredients and additives that have a specific benefit.

The so-called “fatty phase” of the lotion is formed by butters, waxes, fatty alcohols and/or wax esters. Butters are very rich but difficult to apply to the skin. Waxes are also very solid and – if available – are only used in small quantities. The fat phase also includes lighter oils, such as the vegetable oils in natural cosmetics. Oils are ideal for dry skin and help prevent stretch marks when used during weight gain or before and during pregnancy. The water phase contains water and hydrolates, i.e. components that moisturize the skin. A high level of moisturizers is suitable for skin prone to blemishes, which is often the case on the back and neck.

Additives to the body lotion are fragrances, water and fat soluble active ingredients and preservatives, and other chemical ingredients used to affect the consistency of the lotion. While the moisturizing components of a lotion are quickly absorbed by the skin, fat remains on the surface of the skin for a longer period of time and only gradually migrates into the skin layers below.

Medical & health benefits

Body lotions and body oils are used for skin care at all ages. Older people in particular benefit from its care effect, which makes the skin supple and – depending on the active ingredient complex – can also tighten it. Used regularly, body lotions can prevent skin problems. They also help in the regression of already existing difficult areas, for example by combating dry areas of the skin.

To be effective, body lotions must be used daily for a period of time. This applies equally to lotions in the cosmetics industry and to medical products. Body lotions may be recommended or prescribed by the treating physician. They are used for extremely dry skin in diabetics , for problems with neurodermatitis or psoriasis and during or after pregnancy.

Although body lotions and body oils work on the skin, they also have psychological benefits as a result. Healthy skin supports physical well-being, while constantly itchy or severely impure skin can promote the development of mental illnesses. Many women fatally base part of their self-esteem on the appearance of their skin. Body lotions and body oils that make the skin firm and supple can provide a valuable service in this context.

The use of body lotions, which are selected according to the needs of the individual skin type, has a high medical and cosmetic benefit – combined with relatively low costs.

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