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Bioresonance therapy – treatment, effects & risks

Bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance therapy is a non-scientifically recognized method for treating certain clinical pictures. It uses electromagnetic vibrations and the fact that every body emits its own electrical signals. Bioresonance therapy was developed in the 1970s by the German doctor and Scientology member Frank Morell and his son-in-law Erich Raschke under the name MORA Therapy.

What is bioresonance therapy?

Bioresonance therapy or MORA therapy is a method from alternative medicine , which assumes that the body’s own electrical signals are disturbed in the event of illness .

In this way, these disturbances can be measured in the form of altered body-specific frequencies (electromagnetic signals) and eliminated through the targeted effect of electrical signals. According to bioresonance therapy, this relieves the diseased body and thus ensures an improvement in symptoms or even healing. In general, a low electrical voltage is generated by every nervous system , since electrical potentials are used when transmitting information between nerve cells.

Weak electromagnetic fields that can be measured medically, for example in an ECG (electrocardiogram, recording of the heartbeat) or in an EEG (electroencephalogram, recording of the brain waves), are also generated during muscle work. The supporters of bioresonance therapy assume that there is a pathological change in these electrical potentials in the body, for which no scientifically sound evidence has yet been provided.

Function, effect, application & goals

Bioresonance therapy is used to treat allergies , sleep disorders , chronic pain , rheumatism or migraines , for example .

Devices are used that are connected to two points on the skin via electrodes. For example, one electrode can be held in each hand. The so-called “minus electrode” picks up the disturbed vibrations of the body and forwards them to a bioresonance device. This works as a kind of converter and then emits exactly those vibrations via the “plus electrode” that are required for a healing process. These are also known as therapeutic vibrations.

Another mode of operation of bioresonance therapy consists in supplying the body with vibrations from certain substances such as allergy-causing substances (e.g. pollen, cat dander). It is assumed that these vibrations then enable the immune system to fight the respective allergy. 

Certain types of bioresonance devices are said to be able to transmit the healing vibrations of substances such as oils, Bach flower drops or other homeopathic medicines to the body. For this purpose, bottles with the respective substance are placed in a container which is connected to the resonance device.

This in turn is then connected to the patient’s body via the electrodes. According to such a principle, it should also be possible to transmit the effective vibrations of precious stones, metals or color cards to the body. In general, as part of a bioresonance therapy, which is usually carried out by a non-medical practitioner, an individual treatment plan is drawn up that depends on the type of complaint.

After connecting the patient to the electrodes, a session lasts between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the device and the symptoms. The number of sessions required for such bioresonance therapy also varies greatly depending on the disease and the effect of the treatments.

The risk & side effects

Bioresonance therapy is not recognized by conventional medical science, and no evidence of the effectiveness of this alternative medical method has been provided so far.

Neither the disturbed, disease-causing frequencies nor the healing vibrations allegedly emitted by the devices or substances could actually be scientifically proven. Accordingly, the therapy is not paid for by statutory health insurance companies. Successes of the therapy are often reported, for example in the case of allergies, but also in the case of serious diseases such as rheumatism.

At best, scientists assume that this is a placebo effect. Before starting a possible treatment, patients should be aware that this cannot replace conventional medical treatment and may only achieve very little or no success at all. Furthermore, the question of costs for bioresonance therapy should be clarified in advance.

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