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Bionator – Application & Health Benefits


Bionator is an instrument used in orthodontics . It is used to treat misaligned teeth and jaws .

What is a Bionator?

The Bionator is part of holistic orthodontics. This takes into account the most diverse aspects of tooth misalignments. These include complaints that occur in other parts of the body, such as neck pain , back pain or tinnitus .

The Bionator was developed in 1952 by the German dentist Wilhelm Balters (1893-1973). Balters intended to use the special instrument to restore the patient’s environment, contemporaries and inner world. According to Balters, in addition to using the Bionator, posture and breathing exercises as well as the correct position of the tongue were necessary for positive development. The Bionator is primarily used for children and young people because they are still growing .

Shapes, Species & Types

The Bionator can be divided into three different types. These are the basic device, the reversing device and the shielding device. The basic device is used to treat the mandibular backward position (distal bite position), while the reversing device is used when the patient’s lower jaw is too far in the front direction. A frontal open bite can be corrected with the help of a shielding device.

The Bionator was further developed by Felix Ascher (1908-2003), a student of Wilhelm Balters. So Ascher supplemented the instrument with two holding mandrels in the upper jaw region of the first molars. The Bionator also received a plastic cover for the front teeth of the lower jaw.

Although the Bionator is just a single device, it can be placed on the upper and lower jaw at the same time. The instrument creates a connection between the two jaws.

Structure & functionality

The Bionator consists of a stainless steel tongue clip, a plastic frame and a lip and cheek arch. To produce the small, handy device, a construction bite is removed. For this purpose, the upper and lower jaw assume the position that is later to be reached with the help of the bionator.

The user places the Bionator loosely in the mouth . Forces are not exerted by the instrument. Rather, it serves to normalize the orofacial muscles . In addition, the growth of the jaw should progress undisturbed.

This leads to the formation of suction spaces inside the oral cavity. These stimulate the growth of the jawbone and teeth . The tongue clamp makes it possible to change the position of the tongue during the swallowing process , which in turn causes the muscles to relax. This process also has positive effects on the metabolism.

Further effects are the promotion of nasal breathing, the dissolving of lymphatic congestion, the development of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses , and a broadening of the palate . This gives the tongue more room to maneuver in the palatal vault.

By moving the lower jaw forward, the straightening of the cervical spine and the posture of the head can be improved. This has a positive effect on the entire skeletal system . However, targeted movements of a tooth cannot be carried out exactly with a Bionator.

The therapeutic effect of the Bionator is always evident when the patient speaks or swallows. The same goes for clenching your teeth. In order for the device to develop its positive effects, the patient has to wear it for around 16 hours every day. The Bionator can be easily removed at school or when doing sporting activities.

To support the positive effects of the instrument, it is possible to do additional breathing and speaking exercises every day. Special posture exercises are also considered useful. Another remedial measure is to put on a headgear. This is a special head device.

Medical & health benefits

Holistic orthodontics appreciates the health benefits of the Bionator. In her opinion, the instrument also has a positive effect on the whole body, because malpositions of the jaw have negative consequences for other parts of the body, such as the spine . The shifting of teeth creates an interrelationship, which in turn influences other bodily functions.

Psychological aspects also play a role. The patient’s entire body can benefit from the normalization of orofacial muscle function with the help of the Bionator. The positive effects include the release of tension in the head and neck area, improved posture and better nasal breathing through additional lip-closing training.

Like most functional orthodontic appliances, the Bionator works best when the body is still growing. For this reason, it is particularly used in children and adolescents. The instrument is primarily used to treat malformations of the jaw, teeth and masticatory system (dysgnathia). These are caused by malfunctions of the lips , chewing muscles, cheeks and tongue.

In certain cases, the Bionator is also suitable for treating adults. This is the case, for example, when they suffer from dysfunctions such as teeth grinding.

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