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Battery empty in spring or in between – tips for stable vitality – function, task & diseases

Battery empty in spring or in between – tips for stable vitality

Springtime fatigue has many causes, all with the same effect: weakness. Fatigue feels similar and is overcome in at least some ways in the same way. However, prevention through an active life with regular, conscious deceleration is better than that.

Prepare your immune system for the winter season

Many people also experience slack moments in summer. With a few hours at the beach or a long nap at the weekend, such sags can be remedied. Summer nutrition, more fresh air and an overall sunny disposition drive away any thoughts of the upcoming months of hibernation and low-energy spring awakening.

The abundance of available fresh products is good for preparing the immune system . Fruit and vegetables are almost thoughtlessly eaten with meals or as snacks in between. The heat makes people drink more in the summer. The wide range of fresh products lasts until autumn. Unfortunately, only small parts of the nutrients contained are stored longer in the body.

If you eat fresh and healthy food in autumn despite the gray in gray, it is best to use frozen products from regional cultivation. When the fresh food shelves in the discounter become dreary again, the body’s “army” is still well equipped against viruses and bacteria.

Do not confuse spring fatigue with exhaustion

Spring fatigue is caused by a temporary lack of certain nutrients. Eating a lot is not an appropriate countermeasure. Fatigue can also have other causes and last longer. Both symptoms are lack of drive for days and weeks. Of course, the internet is full of good advice on how to remedy the situation.

However, if you cannot find your way back to your usual state of energy, you should take the symptoms seriously if they last longer. Especially in the case of exhaustion, the symptoms can indicate a disease of the organs, which can only be treated with targeted therapy.

Immune support with preparations from

For more vitality, there are nutritional supplements from to bridge the gap. They contain trace elements, vitamins and other nutrients that the body is currently lacking. Certain ingredients are often not ingested in the necessary amounts through food.

To overcome exhaustion and spring tiredness, the energy store can be filled up with the products from in acute cases . The body only takes what is missing and excretes the rest. In combination with a balanced diet, the former vitality soon returns.

Change yes, but not set in stone

Weakness is mainly caused by stress . At work and in private life, it is part of everyday life to a healthy or sometimes unhealthy degree. A change for a stronger resistance to stress requires attention and must first establish itself as a habit in everyday life.

One of the first measures against exhaustion and spring tiredness is the precise analysis of the previous daily routine. Those affected find points where they can first try a change in the daily routine. A few minutes of deceleration often help to recover quickly from weak energy states.

Strengthening of the immune system – fountain of health and provision for old age

Strengthening the immune system does not mean a relief for the body police. At the current state of health, it means that the immune cells are actively armed themselves against new germ experiences. So someone who never fights a cold or a mild flu-like infection is not healthy.

Healthy is someone who survives such attacks quickly without long-term consequences during the cold season. Perhaps spring, with the spring tiredness that has not yet been overcome, is a good opportunity to rethink the menu. It’s never too late for a balanced, vitamin-rich diet. More exercise is also a good resolution, and not just on New Year’s Eve.

The more vital the immune system remains in adulthood, the more easily it reacts to strengthening measures in old age. If it does not want to recover at all during special times such as menopause or after serious illnesses, it can be supported temporarily with additional vitamin supplements.

Laughing is healthy

Children laugh many times more often than adults. This is a pity! Because laughter is an excellent supplier of energy. A positive hormone release of endorphins (happy hormones) takes place every time. They have an analgesic effect and strengthen the immune system . A laugh in the midst of stress can instantly take the pressure off your shoulders.

It builds a sense of social belonging, is disarming in arguments, and is the best workout for abs. In some therapeutic centers, laughter is even part of the daily therapy routine.

Fresh air and sun as the best medicine

Tired and yet outside? Right now it’s worth overcoming just putting foot in front of foot and not thinking about anything. An hour a day in the fresh air is recommended to keep children healthy.

With their irrepressible urge to move, they are particularly easy to convince of natural medicine. Because of the vitalizing reasons, adults should move outside for at least 30 minutes, even on gray winter days. Sunlight, an important supplier of vitamin D , also affects the skin through the clouds.

The movement boosts the metabolism. This in turn accelerates the distribution of nutrients in the body cells. Even the small changes are a permanent boost for the immune system. Spring fatigue can’t creep in at all.

Boost the immune system from the inside and outside in old age

In old age, many bodily processes slow down. This also applies to cell metabolism. It is all the more important to stimulate it daily through diet and exercise. This is the only way to ensure that all nutrients get to where they are urgently needed for long-term maintenance of mental and physical fitness. Sunlight during leisurely walks stimulates blood circulation and improves blood circulation in the skin.

This leads to an increased release of regenerating hormones. Seniors with restricted mobility can also take action against spring tiredness in their own four walls. There are special lamps for light therapy. The light color and wavelength will soon ensure a better mood. Without the winter blues, body processes still run slowly but more smoothly. Armed like this, flu pathogens don’t stand a chance.

Unfortunately, laughter becomes less and less in old age due to various life circumstances. Meeting people of the same age, shared hobbies for seniors or being close to children can help. In contact, there are a thousand and one situations for a hearty laugh. Even your own clumsiness is better laughed at together than alone. Due to age-related complaints, which usually require medication, nutritional supplements must now be used carefully.

It is best for interested parties to take their previous supplement with them to the family doctor. He can recommend these and check whether there are any possible interactions with prescribed medicine. If this is impossible, the daily energy boost can be taken in small amounts.


What man demands of his body, he has to give back to it every day. Eating a lot is not enough. A balanced diet, conscious exercise and fresh air every day, even on cloudy days, offer effective prevention of spring tiredness and exhaustion. After periods of recovery or in the case of very strong spring tiredness, the turbo can also be boosted for a short time with vitamin-containing food supplements.

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