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Alder – Application & Treatment for Health


The alder belongs to the birch family and has a positive effect as a medicinal plant and in homeopathy in the treatment of various ailments, but can also cause pathological symptoms, since many people are allergic to birch plants with hay fever. Naturopathy and homeopathy also know the right medicines and natural remedies for this.

Occurrence and cultivation of the alder

The alder belongs to the birch family of plants. It is characteristic that the female and male kittens are united. Alders have small nodules on their roots in which bacteria live that can bind nitrogen in the air. When young, alders grow narrowly in height, but with increasing age they widen with a rounded crown. The black alder is listed as a medicinal plant and can be found in the temperate climate zones of Europe.

Gray and green alder are also native here. They prefer a moist substrate and mostly grow in moist forests or on embankments. Alder trees grow at low altitudes, but can also cope with altitudes of up to 1,800 meters. They are deciduous and deciduous trees. The dark, deeply fissured bark is characteristic.

Effect & Application

Black alder is the main medicinal plant used, which has antipyretic, astringent, wound-healing (scar-forming) and tonic effects. It is used for inflammation of the oral mucosa , sore throat , angina pectoris , wounds and abrasions . The bark of the young twigs and the leaves are used. A tea made from black alder tastes tart and bitter, but has a pleasant smell.

The dried leaves of the alder are also often combined with sage and walnut leaves, which make weaning easier. Homeopathy uses the alder according to its appearance. She is not too flashy, except for her red flower buds. The alder helps to bring supposed opposites together, paves the way and offers psychological, spiritual and emotional protection.

Combining strength and courage with spiritual generosity, she says when it’s time to take on challenges or stand back. The alder tree knows when a person should keep their distance from the everyday things in life and when they should let them in on them. People for whom alder treatment is indicated tend to take everything too personally, often do not keep the necessary distance and do not know what is harmful and what is not.

The alder strengthens the inner protective shield and ensures that the user is able to look at everything in a more differentiated way and with more reason than from a feeling. With successful therapy with alder, the user knows when it is time to break free from prejudice, react in a balanced manner, be compassionate and caring without giving up on yourself. Alder relieves mood swings , stress and nervousness . In mythology, the alder stands for the protection of a gentle nature, but when attacked, for example by running water, its wood hardens and becomes hard as stone.

Homeopathy takes advantage of the fact that man and tree are closer than assumed. All origins lie in the roots of trees, trees uproot, people lose their feet, they are uprooted and disoriented, they search for their roots and are interested in their family tree. Trees stand upright, striving towards heaven, light and life, and this is exactly the image that the alder wants to convey as a medicinal plant.

Homeopathy makes use of this mythology of the alder tree. Naturopaths and homeopaths speak of the “medicine of trees”. Alnus glutinosa (Northern Alder) is available in the form of globules in C potencies 1 to 30 and D potencies 1 to 4.

Importance for health, treatment & prevention

The alder is one of the early-blooming plants and causes it to multiply when the first rays of sunshine appear. While most people are looking forward to spring after a wet, cold and gray winter, the alder, along with hazelnuts and willow blossoms, are a source of frustration for allergy sufferers . The allergy to this tree pollen is caused by an overreaction of the immune system to the foreign substance.

Paradoxically, there is an immune deficiency at the same time , since the organism is not able to cope with the tree pollen and defends itself against the allergy symptoms. The alder not only acts as a medicinal plant, but also makes you ill. Homophilia uses a complex remedy called “ hay fever remedy DHU” to combat this allergy.

It contains the three individual remedies Cardiospermum (heart seed), Galphimia glauca (little laburnum) and Luffa operculata (pumpkin sponge). These individual substances as complex agents complement each other and have a positive influence on the complicated allergy picture. Homeopathic medicines do not suppress the symptoms, but stimulate the body’s own self-healing powers. The superfluous immune defense of the organism is regulated.

The complex remedy alleviates typical symptoms such as itching , inflamed conjunctiva , burning, tears, redness and swelling of the eyes . The remedy must be taken during the symptom-free period, i.e. before the alder trees blossom, in order to activate the body’s own defences.

The normal function of the mucous membranes is maintained and the reaction situation and the organism are positively changed. This medicine is available from pharmacies as drops, alcohol-free and as tablets. Since homeopathy also uses medicines according to the principle of treating like with like, the single remedy Alnus glutinosa (black alder) can also be used.

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